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hair-styleHighlights and Streaks

Many people go to the parlor to get their hair highlighted often. However, when the beautician suggests that you get streaks done instead, utter confusion sets in because most of us think that streaks and highlights are the same. So, what is the difference between streaks and highlights? The main difference is that while in highlights thin slices of hair are taken to color them, streaks involve thicker volume of hair. Though highlights are sleek, streaks give bolder appearance to the face.

Yet another difference is that when you get the highlights, the color chosen is usually the one that matches your hair. However in streaks, the color is not a shade that matches you hair color. Thus you can have our hair streaked in the shades of pink, green, blue or orange. Streaks are popular, especially if people depict a team. Also if you have scene hair, you can have bold streaks to look different and ‘scene’. Streaks are straight lines that are spaced out from each other and give a punky look. Since highlights are a lot thinner they impart a soft look.

So we can say that highlights are small streaks that are applied in a hairstyle to lighten the color of hair with the help of a hair bleaching mixture. The timing of bleaching is a careful aspect as the effect may become too bold instead of being chic.

It is more costly to get highlights than the streaks and it depends on the parlors. These days’ colors have come in the market, which can be used at home for streaking purpose. But highlights have to done essentially at the parlors by the beautician or unless you are an expert beautician. This is because the process comprises usage of chemicals and precise timing.

Another difference is that while streaks are band of colors covering the entire length of hair right from root to the tip, highlights are mainly for the end of the hair. Highlights are done with the help of foils while streaks are not. Streaks are suitable for small hair while highlights would look with long hair.

The main problem with both the steaks and highlights is that the hair tends to get damaged due to chemicals like ammonia that are present in the color agents.


1. Highlights involve thinner volume of hair, while streaks involve thicker hair.

2. Highlights are done with the help of foils while streaks are not.

3. In highlights hair bleaching color is used but in streaks colors like blue, green, pink and orange are used.

4. Streaks impart a bold look while highlights give a deft appearance.

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