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One of the many aspects of a woman’s outer appearance, which defines her personality, is her hair color. There are some women ‘“ and even men ‘“ who prefer to change their natural hair color, just so that they will have a different look. Here, we will take a look at the similarities and differences between coloring your hair and highlighting your hair.

Firstly, let’s talk about hair coloring. When you visit a salon, you might be confused by the terminology used by your stylist. For example, should your hair be colored in splices, chunks or pieces? Should you go for a full head hair coloring or half head hair coloring? Basically, if it is your first time to have your hair colored, you will have full head hair coloring. In this procedure, the strands of your hair will be spaced out to give your entire head a different hair color.

Secondly, there’s the hair highlighting process. Instead of applying color to your entire head of hair, it is only a few pieces, or strands of your hair, that will get a different color. Another term which might seem confusing to individuals who will highlight their hair for the first time, is the difference between highlights and low lights.

When you say highlights, the color of the few strands of hair that will be highlighted, will generally be lighter than your natural hair color. The opposite of this is adding lowlights to your hair, which has a darker shade compared to your original hair color.

Generally, hair coloring is more expensive than hair highlighting. Hair coloring also typically requires regular touch-ups, although they are less pricey than having your entire head of hair colored for the first time. However, both hair color and highlights will give you a wide array of hues to choose from ‘“ so that the hairstyle that you end up with, is something that will make you look younger, more beautiful and more confident.


1. Hair coloring is the process of dyeing the entire head of hair, while highlighting only changes the colors of a few strands, or streaks, of your hair.

2. Hair coloring is usually more expensive, while highlighting is less pricey.

3. Hair coloring requires regular touchups, while highlighting can be done every so often to change the look that you want to project to the world.

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