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Education is the core of today’s life. Every aspiring student wants to take up a challenging course to succeed in his or her life. Every year there are thousands and thousands of students who strive to take up an Advance Placement and an International Baccalaureate course.

Various high schools in Canada and the United States offer an Advanced Placement program, which is a college level program. The Good School Guide International considers this course rigorous when compared to other general courses. AP is also one of the most widely preferred courses in the United States of America. This will also earn credit points from colleges, and will also help the students to get a fair chance for admission.

In 1962, colleague Robert Leach, who convened the Geneva Conference in 1962, played an important role when the International Baccalaureate was mentioned in the conference. Today, IBDP, or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, is aimed at students between sixteen and nineteen years of age who are looking at taking an internationally recognized educational qualification. This program will help students enter higher studies in worldwide universities. To facilitate global students, IBDP is offered in  English, Spanish and French language. Any student who is looking at taking up IBDP should have taken up and cleared the required assessments from IB schools.

At global level, a student should have eighty percent for his IB diploma course. A candidate should have scoured twenty-four points, or four out of seven points in all six subjects. He or she should have completed the required qualification, like TOK, CAS and EE. When a student does not have the said qualification, then it will be difficult for the student to get the diploma, even if he or she has the required points.

Non-diploma students are awarded with IB certificates to indicate the diploma course and exam completion status.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate are considered rigorous courses, and important for a high school student to enter college. Colleges confer equal value to both AP and IB Courses.

Students can take up few of the Advanced Placement programs and still be a IB diploma or IB certificate student. Some would prefer to do AP and IB courses as well. All these things will depend on how interested a student is in learning a new course, and their learning capacity.

While the International Baccalaureate diploma is considered comprehensive, a certificate program is more flexible for students to take up IB or AP courses in the desired subject line. A student could take up few subject areas in an IB course, and take up an AP course in the same subject line as well.


· Various colleges at international levels accept the International Baccalaureate.

· AP courses are accepted by colleges within the United States of America.

· International Baccalaureate programs coach students to be an all rounder, as it opens up avenues to take up research and CAS courses, which have extracurricular exposure.

· Advanced Placement only offers an external assessment exam, while internal assessment is considered important by Internal Baccalaureate courses.

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  1. Hello! I’ve read your article (obviously) and I understood that AP and IB courses are different. I didnt know that actually. I’m going to be a junior (next school year) in an private american high school, and I’ve taken: Ap french class, pre-calculus, physics, chemistry, Ap english, Ap history… but I am planning to go to a european university since theyre generally less expensive (the ecole federale polytechnique de laussanne in switz. to be precise) and i have a pretty good gpa (3.8-4.0) ive heard that european schools dont accept the american diploma, but that if i took 5 AP classes (ap french, english, calculus, physics, history) that i would get the IB diploma as well and then, i could go to pretty much any university and maybe even get a scholarship. i’ve already doubled_up and taken 2 classes online, and skipped a year (i should graduduate by next year and skip senior year). but i dont think that i could take yet other hard classes and squeeze them into a year! can you please help me?
    thank you very much

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