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Difference Between Ivory and White

ivory-whiteIvory vs White

If you ask a typical man, his immediate remark would be that there is no difference between ivory and white.

Ivory is just another shade of white like eggshell, diamond white, off-white, ecru or cream. This shade of white is known as ivory because it resembles the color of tusks and horns of animals ‘“ the most famous being the ivory tusk of the elephant.

In terms of color, white is a bright, pristine white with no mixes or shades of any other color ‘“ like pure milk. On the other hand, ivory has a slight tint of yellow or cream.

The differences between ivory and white become highly significant when it comes to the subject of wedding gowns. Most women love wearing the elegant and unsullied color called white as their wedding gown and would probably be aghast by the idea of wearing anything other than white. However, a huge number of women are opting for ivory shades of wedding gowns. This is because while white can show off the paleness of their skin, ivory white can actually be flattering to their pale complexion.

Also, some women believe that white can be too austere but the glow and warmth exuded by an ivory shaded wedding gown can enhance the look of happiness on the bride’s face. However beware while buying an ivory wedding gown without a sample or trial or based on a trial from a wedding gown from any other designer or manufacturer as the shades of ivory differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. While some ivory shades have a very subtle difference from white, some also known as ‘dark ivory’ have pronounced shades of yellow or peach.

Another advantage of the ivory shaded gown is that if you dress has a lot of details like filigree work or self embroidery, it shows much better in an ivory colored dress vis-à-vis a pure white colored gown.

As per old wives tale, white is the color for virgin brides but it holds little relevance in today’s world. Whether you want white or ivory is totally a personal choice.

1.Ivory is a shade of white just like other shades of white like diamond white, ecru, eggshell, cream or off-white. While white is pure and stark white, ivory has a subtle tint of cream, peach or yellow. Again the tints may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some can be dark ivory which has a pronounced yellow or peach tint.
2.Some people prefer ivory to white in the case of wedding gowns and dresses as it is flattering to a pale complexion. The details of an ivory dress can also be more clearly seen in photographs as against a white dress.

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  1. “If you ask a typical man, his immediate remark would be that there is no difference between ivory and white.”

    – If you ask a woman she’ll show you her favorite ivory blouse and ask you if she looks fat in it. Right before she gets back in the kitchen where she belongs.

  2. Can you wear a white cathedral veil with an ivory beaded dress


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