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Difference Between Fuchsia and Hot Pink

Fuchsia vs Hot Pink

Ever wonder how the world would look without color? It would be bland and gray; certainly not as exciting as when people see it with all the vibrant and captivating hues of green, blue, red, yellow, orange, indigo, and violet.
Color comes from the interaction of the spectrum of light in the light receptors of the eye. Its physical property depends upon how light is absorbed, reflected, and emitted by objects or materials. There are several primary colors which can be combined to create other colors.

White can be added to create tints or lighter tones of color, and black is added to create shades or darker hues of color. When black is added to the color red, the maroon shade is created, and when white is added to red, the pink tint is created. The intensity of the pink hue that is created depends on the amount of white that is added to the red color. That is why there are many tints of pink. There is light pink, baby pink, deep pink, pastel pink, dark pink, brink pink, hot pink, and fuchsia.

The color fuchsia is named after the flower of the fuchsia plant which has a reddish or pinkish-purple color. It is synonymous to the color magenta which is evoked by light in blue and red wavelengths and cannot be created by a single wavelength.
Fuchsia is actually called electric or electronic magenta which was created digitally and has to be enhanced with cyan printer’s ink before it can be printed on paper and appear as vivid as on a computer screen. It has many variations one of which is the color hot pink.

Hot pink was introduced by fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1947. It is a vibrant and bright shade of pink. It can be made by combining red and white together and adding a touch of yellow and blue. It is best achieved with the use of acrylic paint.
While fuchsia appears to have more of a purple shade, hot pink has more of the red color. It is lighter and brighter than fuchsia. It is definitely more vivid, more striking, and is the color most favored by women when they choose fashion accessories like bags and shoes.


1.Fuchsia is a shade of pink named after the fuchsia plant while hot pink was introduced by fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1947.
2.Fuchsia is also known as the color magenta which can only be created with light in red and blue wavelengths while hot pink is a tint of magenta or fuchsia.
3.Fuchsia appears more as a purple while hot pink appears more as light red or pink.
4.Hot pink is brighter, lighter in shade, and looks more vibrant while fuchsia is darker and less bright.
5.Both are created by mixing white and red together. Blue is also added to both, but more of blue is needed to create fuchsia while hot pink needs a little blue but also needs a touch of yellow.

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