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Knitting vs Purling

Purling is almost the same as knitting stitch. It almost produces the same style or end result but these two types of stitches differ in some aspects. Purling necessitates that the one working on the stitch inserts the working needle downwards in front of the fixed needle. Shortly after wrapping the yarn around, you pull it right through the loop and onto the working needle.

Purling stitch or simply the purl stitch has been regarded as the opposite of the knitting or knit stitch. Figuratively, purling is like the darker yin (the shady hillside) while knitting is the brighter yang (the flat open space). This description may sound metaphoric but it really holds some truth. If you really look closely at each stitch, you can see that the result of purling is like a raised loop whereas knitting appears as a form of flat half V. this may also be the reason why knit stitches are the ones usually used for the visible surface of the clothing whereas purl stitches are generally used for the back surface (non-visible surface).

In a typical garter stitch for example, you can clearly observe the flat spaces and bumps. This is because the back and front appear to be different. The backside is the one that’s most likely the purl stitch. No wonder many have regarded purling as backward knitting. This means that the two stitches are really two sides of the same coin.

Many are not familiar with purling as it is a less popular stitch type than knitting. It is also a more awkward stitch to do compared to knitting. But as experts in purling say, if ever you feel somewhat awkward in doing the purl stitch then the chances are high that you are doing it the right way.

Purling and knitting are two of the primary types of stitches. Knowing the difference between both, as well as, knowing how to shift from each type of stitch makes you produce better crafty work. You can even combine these two stitches to give you a very attractive and diverse style patterns. But you need extra training to do such because if you improperly do either stitch, the result can be devastating for your entire work.

1. A stitch made by purling is like a raised loop while if it is done by knitting it will appear as a flat half V.

2. Purling is usually used to make the non-visible surface of clothing while knitting is generally done for the visible clothing surfaces.

3. Purling is done by driving the needle down and then in front of the stitch while knitting is done by driving the needle inside up then behind the stitch

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