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Knowing and believing are different words that are often used in religious teachings across the world. ‘Knowing’ means that you possess knowledge, are shrewd, suggestive or deliberate. On the other hand, ‘believing’ means that you have accepted something to be true, or you are confident and have trust in something. For example: you believe that you are beautiful, but people know that you are not.

There has to be clarification between what you believe and what you know. When you say ‘I believe’, you indicate that you don’t know about this thing, because, in your personal experience, it has not yet occurred . For example, you believe that you will go to heaven if you don’t smoke or take alcohol, or you believe that if you are honest with your spouse, you are being loyal to your relationship. Beliefs are based on your words, or a particular train of thought. You apply these beliefs to your life because they are appealing. As a result, you feel and begin to believe that they are true.

However, do you have any assurance that what you just believed in, is true? You will never come back from heaven, and say that you went there because you didn’t smoke. There are numerous gurus who want you to follow them blindly, without letting you know whether their teachings are the truth or not. You should never simply believe and accept their words. You should delve deeper into the meaning, and know what they are speaking.

An element of doubt should be put in between ‘believing’ and ‘knowing’, but doubt with shrewdness or intelligence. Even if you know useful information, it should be tested, so that it turns into knowledge, and is then converted into a belief.

If you are a believer, then you are gullible, and you can fall into the trap of many scams. For a believer, if something sounds good, he or she will believe it instantaneously. So, it is extremely important that you feed your mind with the right information.

Knowing about something reduces your fears. For example, your friend might know that the person walking behind you is Joe, and that he resides next door. Unless you know that this person is Joe, you will remain fearful of him. As a human, you will feel comforted in ‘knowing’ things. So if you know, then you are certain.

‘Believing’, on the other hand, is very different, and you can choose in what you want to believe. For example, do you believe in God?

We create this world with our knowledge and beliefs. So better be careful in what you believe.


1. ‘Believing’ means that you have chosen a truth, but ‘knowing’ means that you are certain about that truth.

2. ‘Believing’ always leaves room for doubt, but ‘knowing’ leads to confidence.

3. ‘Believing’ is blind trust, while ‘knowing’ is trusting with awareness.

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  1. The graphical representation is completly bogus, whithin truth and logic only is there knowledge. Belief has nothing to do with knowledge. In fact belief is just that, self explained knowlede WITHOUT TRUTH in the name of what is “BELIEVED”

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