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McDonald’s vs. Subway

The world is moving on a very fast-paced track right now that even if you stop to take a breather for a little while you will be left behind. Signs that show the world is on a full speed are the constantly upgrading technologies, fast changing lifestyles, and fast foods. Yes. Eating fast foods has become a necessity to keep up with the world. Nobody has time to make breakfast anymore. Every kid or adult who has learned the path to the fast lane just enters into any fast food joints and grab a sandwich or a burger. That’s just how it is. But with this fast food thing come a fast ending life.

Obesity is one of the most pressing health issues in the world today. Many diseases are linked to it and plenty of people die diagnosed with these diseases. Such diseases include type 2- diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, cancer, and some more. Obesity is caused of course by over eating. But did you know that eating fast foods everyday is one of the biggest factors that cause obesity? Not only that, there are more and more diseases linked with obesity that are being discovered in eating too much of fast foods. These diseases include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome an infertility related disease that is most common in obese women; Dyslipidemia, a disease that is caused by too much LDL cholesterol level; Blount’s Disease, occurs when an excessive amount on weight is placed on growing bones.

This is exactly why the American restaurant called Subway was created. It only serves the freshest and healthiest meals compared to other fast food chains that actually cause obesity on people with the stuff they serve OTC. Subway serves actual green, leafy, and fresh vegetables that come with whatever submarine sandwich you order from the menu. Imagine that, a food that is not only crunchy but also delicious and extremely healthy. They sell heavy foods that are intensely low on calories and cholesterol and extremely free of trans-fat. In short, Subway serves real and healthy food! Another great thing about ordering out on Subway is that they ask you what kind of cheese you want to go in your order. Subway branches have escalated up to 34,000 as of February of 2011. It is a fast growing restaurant founded by the Doctor’s Associates, Inc. in 1966. Subway’s main mantra is to serve healthy foods and Jared Fogle can attest to that. The guy was formerly obese weighing 400 lbs. and because of the subway diet, Jared loss 245lbs. dramatically.

McDonald’s on the other hand, remains as the undisputed favorite fast food chain in the whole wide world. Why wouldn’t it be? It has been on the industry for over 70 decades serving Coke Floats with the famous Big Mac. Although studies have linked the calories served in McDonald’s to a growing number of obese people, many still have faith in the taste that McDonald’s deliver. McDonald’s is still the favorite hang out of people who are trying to buy lunch or trying to catch up for late breakfast. This fast food chain serves more than 58million customers everyday. Beat that Subway! It has 31,000 branches worldwide. Another great thing about McDonald’s is that the crew serves food FAST. You just have to order from the menu, slam your money down the counter and grab your breakfast/lunch/dinner or whatsoever in just 60 seconds. McDonald’s serve food that is absolutely yummy, cheesy and greasy. They also serve a bowl of vegetable salad but that item is not highly recommended.



Subway’s mantra is to serve healthy foods, while McDonald’s have no mantra for health issues or whatsoever.

Subway has a total number of outlets of 34,000 while McDonald’s has 31,000 branches worldwide.

Subway menu is more diet friendly while McDonald’s menu causes obesity.

Subway may attract health conscious individuals but McDonald’s is still the undisputed favorite fast food chain and popularly chosen by adults and kids alike.

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