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In order for children’s education to be complete, it is very important for the schools to have a proper teaching staff that is competent and sufficiently educated to pass on the knowledge to the students in the right manner. It is also important for the Administration of the school to be well skilled to handle the pressure of managing the school in the right manner, and at the same time, it is very important for PTA and PTO Parent Organizations to be a very strong force in handling the human and social aspects of bringing up children in society. Let’s us study the differences between PTA and PTO to better understand their roles.


PTA is a local parent group that is normally affiliated with the State’s and the National PTA organization.

PTO is an independent parent ground, and it is considered to be a Non-PTA group that works independently, and is not affiliated to any organization.

Number of staff:

 The PTA has about 75 paid employees in Washington DC alone, and at least one more member from every state that is being paid to do his or her job. The PTA needs to be politically involved.

The PTO income comes from paid advertising, and not from PTO or PTA groups. The PTO has about 25 members working as Media and Services Company. These groups can choose whether they get politically involved, or whether they just focus on parent involvement with the school, and community support.

Status of Nonprofit Organization:

PTA ‘“ It is required and compulsory. However, the status is given automatically when affiliated with a National PTA organization, and the fees can be paid once every year.

PTO ‘“ Not required, however, if the group wishes to register itself as a non-profit organization, they can register with the IRS and pay a onetime fees for the registration. However, this is not compulsory.

Today’s Parent groups have a lot of access to many resources that they can utilize at any time to create the best possible environment for the growth and development of children in the United States. It is very important to study the benefits and differences between these groups, and to join the one that really fits with your beliefs.


1. The PTA is a parental organization working with a National advocacy.

2. The PTO is a parental organization that is focused more on personal growth without any other political involvements.

3. The PTA works with high end resources to meet their needs, and their staff members are well paid.

4. The PTO has more freedom to choose their role in the parental involvement building aspect, however, their resources may be more limited.

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