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Literacy has always been viewed as essential in ushering a country towards progress. It involves the ability of a person to use the spoken and written language, the understanding and use of numbers, the expression of ideas, the solving of problems, and the application of these abilities in his day-to-day life.

It is taught in schools where students are introduced to different subjects under the guidance of teachers. Schools are formal educational institutions wherein students are taught starting at the lowest level when they are still very young and progress through secondary education and on to higher education. It employs not only teachers but also other people who help maintain and keep it orderly and organized. Different people are assigned different jobs in a school. Aside from the faculty or the teachers there is also the administrative staff.

“Faculty” is defined as a group or body of people, specifically teachers, professors, and lecturers with a common duty or obligation which is to teach at a certain school or educational facility. In other words, they are the academic staff of a school. The faculty is the teaching staff of an educational facility. They have specialized fields with each member of the faculty teaching a different subject. They are the ones who research and share their knowledge with their students.
Faculty members may have different academic ranks from teachers to professors to doctors of specific fields of study. Researchers and scholars are also part of a school’s faculty. They play a very important role in the educational system.
Staff, on the other hand, is defined as a group of people who work in an establishment with administrative functions such as clerical, sales, and executive. It also includes those that work in security, maintenance, and other functions with the establishment. The staff in a school is usually composed of employees with diverse educational backgrounds and responsibilities with the highest level being the administrators, those that manage the whole system. They are aided by junior staff that are willing to follow their orders and help make their jobs easier and more efficient.

The staff in a school usually arrive earlier than the faculty, and they have regular working hours as compared to faculty members. Some faculty members, especially those who are already distinguished at their jobs, are paid higher salaries and enjoy more benefits than the staff.

1.“Faculty” is the teaching or academic staff of a school or educational system while “staff” is the administrative staff of a school.
2.Faculty is a group of educators such as teachers, professors, doctors, researchers, and scholars who impart their knowledge to students while the staff is a group of people with diverse educational backgrounds that work as clerks, maintenance and security crew, and other functions.
3.The faculty may have irregular working hours while the members of the staff have regular working hours wherein they are required to report for work earlier.
4.Faculty members may enjoy better salaries and benefits than staff members.

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  1. Do religious scholars count as faculty?

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