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White vs Caucasian

White and Caucasian are terms that have been widely termed as the same. But it is only a misconception. A White is never called as Caucasian whereas a Caucasian can be called as white.

When comparing the two races, Caucasian is a larger race when compared to the other. The Caucasian race consists of North Africans, Arabs, Whites, Somalians, some people in India and Ethiopians. On the other hand, white are mostly people who belong to Europe.

It should also be noted that though people in North Africa and South Asia can be technically called as Caucasian, they are not considered so as they have darker features.

The main difference between White and Caucasian is related to the skin colour. When compared to the Caucasian, the white people have a lighter skin. Unlike the white people, the Caucasian people have thin noses and thin lips.

The concept of white race or white people originated in the 17th century. The term was coined mainly to differentiate the white from the dark skinned people. But the reference of white race or white people can be traced to Greco-Roman ethnography.

It was only in the recent time that the concept of Caucasian originated. The term can be traced to the 19th century and has been derived from a region of the Caucasus Mountains. German scientist and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach is credited with the development of the term Caucasian in 1800.

In terms of the races, it is said that the Caucasian race is far superior to the White. But this was always a thing of dispute as the white considered themselves as more superior.

1. When comparing White and Caucasian, the latter one is a larger race.
2. The Caucasian race consists of North Africans, Arabs, Whites, Somalians, some people in India and Ethiopians. On the other hand, white are mostly people who belong to Europe.
3. When compared to the Caucasian, the white people have a lighter skin. Unlike the white people, the Caucasian people have thin noses and thin lips.
4. The concept of white race or white people originated in the 17th century. But the reference of white race or white people can be traced to Greco-Roman ethnography.
5. The term Caucasian originated in the 19th century and has been derived from a region of the Caucasus Mountains. German scientist and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach is credited with the development of the term Caucasian in 1800.

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  1. what is the difference between a wise and an intelligent person?

    • Wise people are normally intelligent but intelligent people are not always wise. Wise people understand the saying “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”.

    • To know the difference. My father said that the height of ignore is the height of intelligence.

    • Ethiopians and Somali and are NOT Caucasians. This article is WRONG WRONG. They are subsaharan black Africans. That lie was widespread 100 years ago but it since was proven incorrect.

      • Of course not, but you can find caucasians in Somalia and Ethiopia as well, and also in the Americas got it now?

      • If one thinks he’s knowlegbale look to DNA. This debunks ALL and everything one THOUGHT they knew. Most AMERICAN born blacks or so-called Africanamericans believed they were that. On a national tv show several had DNA test on themselves. Every one of them had 35-60 % European and NONE had over 25% “african”. They were in tears and did not want to believe it but had to. DNA never lies.

  2. Many anthropologists believe there are no “races”, only clines of phenotypes.

    • Many cat-lovers believe there are no different breeds of dogs, only clines of canine phenotypes. “German Shepherd” and “Poodle” are just social constructs. Dog breeds are an imperialist social construct advanced by colonialist, oppressive German Shepherds so they can remain the master breed over other dogs. There is only one breed, the canine breed. Evil Nazi, German Shepherd supremacists are the only hateful ones that think otherwise.

      The argument that different human races don’t exist is just a silly as this clap-trap on dog breeds. When you can prove to me that dog breeds don’t exist, you’ll earn a cookie.

      The real reason pundits and sophist hacks insist that “race does not exist” is because they really mean, “The white, Aryan race does not exist.” They would never walk into a Zulu village and tell the Zulus, “your race does not exist.” The Zulus would stomp them into soup meat. They would never walk into Arab territory and tell them, “the Arab race does not exist.” The Arabs would tie a 50-lb. rock around their neck and drop them down a well.

      But we know the real impetus of this anti-race insanity is to convince white, Aryan people they don’t exist, so they will not defend their nations from the mass immigration of hundreds of millions from the other races. It’s the United Nations program for genocide–slow, demographic extermination of white folk through forced, non-white immigration, while telling them, “race doesn’t exist.”

      Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY. It’s genocide. If you object to millions of Africans invading your country, they call you a “racists.” But they are not anti-racist. They are anti-white. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

      • Can’t believe I took the time to read this whole idiotic comment.

      • Somebody please make sure this person doesn’t breed.

      • Lol and he calls himself “Wise One”.

        First of all, your dog analogy is incorrect because all domesticated dogs come from the wolf breed during the ice age.

        Second, I didn’t read the rest of your ignorance because after making that statement I knew you’d just make some stupid remark about how we’re all different races and saying otherwise contradicts social constructs like racism blah blah cry. All I have to say is race is real because it’s a social construct just like racism, however we all originate from the same nomads who evolved in Africa, so just like dogs, we all come from the same gene pool.

        Third, it’s obvious to everyone that you’re white and a privileged little cry baby when you make a statement like “anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.” You’re ignorant. I’m white and against racism you retarded clown.

        • Prosno really hit a nerve didn’t he. All you can do is go into denial. You offer no information.

        • This is comical not the distinction between races but the dog references….when someone says were all from the same” Gene Pool” remember that “Pool” we crawled out of was the sea first then into the tree’s….Then as nature and evolution intended protected us from climate and environments by changing our skin colors and facial features to tolerate the harsh heat and cold. And we still scratch our ass and sniff our fingers…”Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”…..lol

        • Thanks i couldn’t have said it better

      • Maybe if Europeans hadn’t tried to colonize the world when they were consuming their own resources too fast, they would have their own countries ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • It doesn’t matter how climate changed one’s appearance. What matters is how one behaves. If one race is predominately creating technology, science, math, and building great buildings in society, along with medicines, and the creation of luxurious things. And though it may be a hard fact to swallow (and yes racism is born not because of one’s color but because of one’s beliefs and way of living) but there are only two races on earth that build things and have a much higher IQ than the rest. Whites and Asians. They are both superior, that is a fact. Look at any time in history and they have not only been the inventors but also they lived in organized societies with a higher way of living (Just look at the way of life today in any country that isn’t white or Asian). Needless to say, being smarter than someone else doesn’t give you more rights to treat the other person badly or to trample on their rights or wants in life. So question we should be askring (but atheist, unfortunately, don’t have the answer in their “religion” unlike all the other religions that briefly give the explanation) is why did one race evolve to be more creative and intelligent than the others? And why do whites have such a variant range in color (ex: red, blond, brown, hair. Blue, green brown eyes, tan and pale white skin)? no matter how you look at it, whites and asians are very different from other races.

          • No baby Black’s are different from all other race. Their hair settled that. You heard me.

          • F$&k you cry baby

          • Only difference blacks are God’s chosen. Case closed

          • Blacks are descendants of Ham, and Ham cursed his son Canaan, in other words Ham is the father of the black race in your Bible and blacks are cursed, that doesn’t not mean God don’t love you idiot.

          • Ethiopians and Somalians are blacks. Same hair. Curly, kinky and wavy. DNA proven. Theye are Not Caucasians.

          • Yes. Egyptigans, Asians, and whites are the smartest. Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, and Arabs built huts. Orginally we are all related to one race. It just evolved from migration bad adaptation from the sun or cold.

          • What type of Asians? I think you are referring to eastern asians or orientals, because in India people there have a below average IQ stupid, and eastern Asians look alike one another, except that some have more delicate features and lighter skin than other, like for example a Japanese, and a Chinese.
            Whites are more creative, but eastern Asians are more intelligent, but both races White and Yellow are superior on intelligence that the rest.
            Blacks have a more athletic body then all races in general by nature, and also the lowest IQ from all human races in average.

          • You said that Asians and whites are the ones who came up with technology??? You are very much mistaken!!! Moore’s where the first to build ships and had navigation knowledge long before anyone else!!! They are the originator of free trade because they were the ones who sailed up and down the coast trading goods with other people!!! It’s in your history books read them!!!

        • also, why do we have such a range in blood types? Why do most have the monkey gene but 15% don’t (RH-)?
          Nazi’s are entirely wrong. Racism is wrong from every angle, and it should be condemned esp if one race thinks they are superior (even if they are! that doesn’t give them rights over another human being.
          Secondly, to say we are all out of Africa and that whites have no right to migrate to other places is extremely stupid. We ALL migrated from Africa, but by your logic, Africans don’t have a right to run their own country the way they want because we are all originally from Africa, therefore we all are natives to Africa and have a birth right to that land. Nope, sorry. We have a right to land if we win the war and defeat those who oppose our rules and way of life. That is how it works. Civilizations will always be rising a falling. There is an end to everything. Just so happens, whites are big dreamers and too resourceful for everyone’s own good (including their own).

          • also, my mistake: substitute my word “thinking” with acting. Because you can fault people for thinking they are better than you, but you can’t really prove it, therefore you can’t take legal action against them.

          • You keep believing humans descended from apes and all humans came from the Africa theory b.s it makes you a jack ass, scientists are always contradicting each other.
            Humans originated in Africa is a theory without enough evidence, and not a fact.
            And if you’re bible unless you’re an athiest it tells us that all three original races came from Noe, Noe had three sons, Japheth father of the white race or caucasians, Shem father or the Jews and middle easterners, and eastern Asians, and Ham father of the black race.
            Humanity started in Irak that’s were the suposed garden of Eden is according to the bible.
            The bible gives more acurate answers than some scientists with different theories that don’t even agree with one another. I believe on the bible, but respect science, but Darwin theories are not proven facts but are respected as such as theories only.

        • btw, the “whites” this article was talking about are pale-eyed redheads. If you are any other coloring you are caucasian.

      • Wisdom, knowledge and truth. You have courage.

      • Strangely enough it was the EUROPEAN who left his appointed borders to “explore”. If “Africa is for Africans” how do you explain “Rhodesia” and “South Africa”? How do explain (formerly) German East Africa? How do explain Belgium in the Congo? And what about the British nearly EVERYWHERE else in Africa? As for the nonsense of “anti-racist” means “anti-white”, by definition you are saying White people ARE racist. Which is not TRUE. You have a lot of fear in you. Lol, glad I don’t lay awake dreading my impending “minority status” ROFL

      • Fact is we are no our race, nor is our race who we are.
        Race is am, is racism.
        I am not my race!
        I am saved, or I am lost.
        Just as all are, or are not.
        A simple Am I is the alternative.
        Such as I am is my race, which is am.
        No only one I Am exist!
        I am happy blessed I am saved, or I am no at all.
        A am I is all I will be, while lost to who I am meant to be, and should be. In The Way that I Am Saved! Yes saved from all is am’s I am not.
        Which applies to all humans regardless of race, culture, nation, religion, and so on…
        I Am in The Way I am saved or I am not at all…
        The Way it should be, and is meant to be. A am I not saved is lost.
        Think of the children!
        They are not their race.
        It is the truth that sets all free from any am I in question.
        Am I male or female is not a choice.
        Lost or saved is what is.
        A Am I something else is I am lost to who I am saved.

        I liked your intelligent comment..

      • How did you evade capture as a NAZI. You are obviously a white supremist with zero knowledge of antropology.

      • Well said. These Libtards dont get it. They are all brainwashed. Believing we are all the same. Probably think we all came from Adam and Eve and committing incest.

      • Spoken well from Neo Nazi. You are worried about the influx on the U.N. butttttttt you are oblivious to the influx of colonizers to this very day who have pillaged every village of the same immigrants.

      • Right on the money. Race is real, and the differences between the races are enormous. Anyone who denies this has left sanity and common sense far behind.

        The leftist brainwashing is almost complete. It’s legacy will not be a utopian paradise, but a global scale bloodbath instead. The architects of this madness, the nomadic tribe of vagabonds on the earth, will succeed in killing many whites, but in the end the only people they will have succeeded in thoroughly destroying will be themselves. Their seed will be wiped off the face of the earth.

      • European populations with their ethnic branches are caucasians similar to other ethnicities in west Asia and North Africa . The term white isn’t scientifique at all and it’s exclusive to North America to differentiate Europeans from native Americans and African Americans. Having said this, it’s worth noting that each major race has branches . Unlike white the black tone isn’t under scrutiny although the negroid race encompasses many varieties of black ethnicities . These black populations aren’t less black even though they have different black tones and different features . The same goes for the Caucasoid race, the classification of the populations is based not only on the skin color but on so many common bone features. Those who stick to the term whites for Europeans aren’t familiar with the different ethnicities in the area . Like other races the white race covers so many light shades and anybody familiar with west Asia and North Africa and the Mediterranean area knows very well the populations there are a shade of white white not black nor brown .

    • What anthropologists mean when we say that race does not exist is that there is no inherent biological category of race; however, race does exist as a socially constructed category.

      Our genes are not passed down as one collective package, but independently. Some traits are higher in certain populations, but human groups have always bred together and passed genes so there is a continual flow of genes across geographical space. There is also far more diversity within any racial group than there is between racial groups.

      The racial categories used to separate people groups in the United States are not the same racial categories used in other parts of the world; they are cultural constructs. Skin color is not the defining characteristic of a person’s racial identity in all parts of the world. Even just in the United States, the lines used to distinguish races change over time as well as according to which traits we are measuring- skin color, hair texture, eye shape, blood type, nose shape, lip thickness, you name it.

      A significant number of people are classified as “Native American” on their birth certificate, and some other racial category on their death certificate. People whose ancestry is 7/8ths White and 1/8th Black often are identified and treated as Black. In one family of Spanish ancestry, from the same biological parents, one sister can be darker and labeled “Hispanic” while the other inherited lighter skin and is labeled “White.” Racial categorizations are often very ambiguous like that.

  3. “Unlike the white people, the Caucasian people have thin noses and thin lips.”

    and who says a lot of “whites” dont have thin noses whites are caucasian with lighter skin, whoever wrote this article did not research well.

  4. “Unlike the white people, the Caucasian people have thin noses and thin lips.”

    Most white people have thin noses and lips, including myself.

    • Well I don’t, and I’m entirely of western European heritage.

      • You do realize that just because you don’t fit that criteria, doesn’t mean it’s not true. It’s very much possible to not have a thin nose, nor thin lips, even though one is white. But most white people do, meaning that at least 1 in 2 have thin lips and noses. I never got why people always had such an urge to tell everybody that they don’t fit a certain criteria, you people do realize that it doesn’t change anything. Just because YOU don’t have a thin nose, doesn’t change the fact that most white people don’t. Like honestly, just get over yourselves.

  5. I’m just saying I agree with “seb”. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this article. Words can change meanings over time, and “white” is generally not considered a proper term for people of European descent.

  6. Why are the Chinese and Japanese missing from this list?
    As for North Africans; I believe the Nubians would reject this classification

  7. Why did you mention Japanese and Chinese rather than Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Indonesian- why would you think them to be Caucasian? I’m curious.

    Now this isn’t aimed towards you in particular, tohni, but I believe an effort have to be made to distinguish between identity and genetic heritage. Skin color might be an obvious visual marker, but visual markers, like language and other objects of culture, overlap, sometimes creating a illusory kinship that might actually over time develop into actual genetic similarity when cultural exchange intensifies due to said perceived similarities.

    @Isabella, I know, right. I think it’s insecurity that drives people to kill off difference and seek out conformity. Let’s put it in a US context with this example, let’s say we know this black dude who’s got thin lips and a fairly long head. These traits might be considered more European than African so he’s likely used to being called mixed, whereas a person with larger lips and nose and an oval head might be used to being considered more “pure” black, based solely on looks rather than genetics. It’s ridiculous. I’ve known this to happen with white folks too that have had traits that weren’t exactly your bread-and-butter European physical traits. It seems to me that all to often, instead of seeking for roots through investigation, approval of the group is more preferable.

    I largely agree with what you said, Lisa. Race is an ongoing project where identity is the project leader.

    It’d be interesting to know what they make of all of this in the African, Middle-East to East-Asian countries, what their situation is like.

  8. what the fuck. why is this even an issue between people. are people really getting offended at this NOW?! after all these years of using the same word people NOW don’t like it? are you people so board with everything then you just need shit to bitch at? if instead of being able to check the “Caucasian” box on voter registry, tests and a slew of other things and being forced to chose “white” because some people think its not right NOW (yes im going to keep doing that) then i demand that instead of white it has “European” better yet allow me to check a box labeled “Sicilian” instead. fucking hell stop bitching about shit that doesn’t matter and focus on shit like, i don’t know, the fact that our education system is shit. or that America decides to intervene wherever it feels fit. you know the “small” things.

    • Toothpaste is recommended to wash out dirty mouths!!
      Or maybe you should buy a dictionary for respectable alternative words in a public forum, and respectfully clean up your language!

  9. How about Euro-American? Much better. You dont have to check off every single european nation you orginate from, but the word euro-american is self explaintory. In my anthropology class i read that some believe this is a better term about ones background and its accuracy.

  10. I am Somali and the word used to refer to us is Somali NOT Somalian. Please change this.

    Thank you.

  11. Isn’t Caucasian referring to the group of people living along the Caucasus mountain range? From my understanding that only includes Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, and Russians.

  12. As a person of Taiwanese descent, I understandably check off Asian. I don’t complain about not including Taiwanese or Chinese or Japanese, because I know that Asia is very large, so the term to sum up everyone here would be Asian. (It’s not very offensive. It’s just who we are)

  13. Sorry this is such load of nonsense. First of all it is the masses of Caucasians that populated Europe, the changes are due to climate, weather and diet. Less sun you the lighter each generation keeps getting, your skin color, lips get smaller and nose thinner because of cold climate and diet. Europeans eat far more dairy which creates more white corporals and you look more like a cadaver.

    Who has ever taught you that people of North African, Arabia, Somalia and Ethiopia are Caucasian? Being invaded for thousand years by Caucasians then Europeans may have changed features of some but that does not make them Caucasian, predominantly they are African in every way. Ethiopians have Caucasian features but are African, Arabs are Semitic, word means race of color and they look nothing like people from the Caucuses, are you kidding me.
    Look at the Jews in Europe after 2000 years of being forced to be slaves, being used as sex objects, forced into prostitution, from features, language hair color, eyes and skin changed into European features, except ones in the Mediterranean from Spain to Greece, they changed less and still have Semitic features, and yes you can find some that you cannot tell if they are Semitic at all.

    Ignorant post.

    • Sorry Sean. The European Jews Not The Real Jew. They Are The
      Synagogue Of Satan. The Real Jews Is The Black/Negroes.. Who Came Over In Cargo Slave Ships. (Forgot?) I Am From The Tribe Of Judah=Negro.
      King James Version 14:2
      Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.
      You Are In Your Kingdom You Have Special Privilege In America.
      We Got Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m not quite sure about calling people listed in the article caucasians but as a georgian (which is located in caucasian mountains) i for sure know that I’m a caucasian and when you say that race depends on the colour of the skin i cant agree with you because georgian people for example can vary in skin colours and some of us are extremely pale and some are very dark but we are still the same race and everyone here considers themselves as caucasians NOT WHITE. armenian people for example are very dark compared to us but they are not different race they are caucasians. so telling me that my race doesnt exist is kinda not ok because caucasian people look certain way (not the way its described here) and have pretty amazing culture and im not sure white people have a culture so saying that we are white is basically saying that we dont exist:)

  14. Who wrote this bologna/boloney?

  15. The person who wrote this article is, plain and simple, ignorant. All they had to do was use a dictionary. White does mean Caucasian. It is only a descriptor and not the scientific name or classification. The reason for this is that Caucasian can be light skinned, or white, olive and tanned to light; even dark brown. Just as black, brown, red and yellow; they are descriptive of certain races but there are no black or white or red or yellow people but Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid or Australoid.

    Also, a lot of the comments are ignorant, as well. Semitic and Arab people, along with Berbers & some No. African peoples are indeed Caucasian. What is used by the science of Forensics to determine race are craniofacial and muscular-skeletal structure & placement, along with DNA; not so much skin, hair & eye pigmentation or hair texture. These last may be easy identifiers, most of the time but not positive identifiers; especially, when all you have to work with is a thigh bone.

    Lastly, not everything African is black or Negroid. Anthropological fossilized skeletal remain finds have shown conclusively Caucasian were or lived in Africa for a long time; maybe, longer than Negroid who only appeared as late as 13,000 YBP in Sub-Saharan Africa. I will cite a couple of examples: 1) A cranium in South Africa which was dated at 35,000 YBP. It, unexpectedly, turned out to be that of a Caucasian homo sapiens. 2) The fossilized skeletal remains of a young boy in Morocco, dated at 160,000 YBP. It was matched by a dental analysis to be similar to boys the same age from Europe & therefore Caucasoid.

    Race may be a hot topic these days, add to it the politically correct climate in which we live, and it makes it more difficult to get at the truth. However, most people in their day-to-day lives have little problem identifying with or anyone’s race; even when they’re also mixed. That’s why we have terms like mestizo, mulatto & zambo, which though viewed as more derogatory, it is simply referring to a Mongoloid and Negroid mix. We are all human beings, members of the Human Race ~ Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or modern humans.


  16. DNA testing actually shows Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews are very closely related, and that their genetic markers come from the middle East. It is a weak argument to suggest that the tribe of Judah ended up in west Africa, despite the fact they are the keepers of the Jewish calendar, traditions, and religion.

  17. The darkest of Indians in Tamil have straight nose, deep eye sockets, hair texture and facial features similar to europeans. They are termed as “caucasoid” because of this. Its only the high level of pigment to protect against the sun that makes them different color.

  18. I am caucasian and i dont have thin lips?

  19. There is a such thing as race. No one tells aryans they don’t exist they do tell
    Them they basically took a lot of the land they call their homeland where other races have lands they always inhabited. Europe was aryan historically but that’s it. Every where else they kind of went in and just stole. Using the stole for lack of better term but still and accurate one.

  20. And lets face it, they could if they wanted to which just proves they’re still the dominant race with the only other race with a hope in hell of defending themselves being the Asians.

  21. To say that the forces of evolution – spontaneous mutation, natural selection, and spatial separation of breeding pools, including day/night bias in the same space – did not operate on early humans as they have on all other animals and plants shows a complete lack of understanding of natural history. Skin color was largely differentiated latitudinally by Vitamin D – in northern climes, lower levels of melanin were necessary because of lower solar intensity and the need for Vitamin D; in equatorial climes, higher levels of melanin were necessary to avoid Vitamin D toxicity. Darwin did a good job of explaining drift. Many other environmental factors such as predation and availability of foodstuffs play into the drift as well. This nonsense of race baiting and obscurantism has got to stop, because its effect is to obscure the truth and reality of life as it exists. There are differences; live with it!

  22. Why do we worry about things we cannot change(The Past)… Racism seems to be the only thing that gets pulled up from talking about it so no one is really listening to each other’s argument,,, We need to be more concerned about right now(Where the past has brought us) because we have so much more to be worried about that’s going on TODAY!!!


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