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How are the black people different from the white denomination? Obviously, it all boils down to skin color of course. Nonetheless, the term ‘white or black’ has been used to describe certain races, at least metaphorically.

Also termed the Caucasians, the white people are called as such, primarily because of their seemingly light skin pigmentation. These people are those who are basically European in ancestry. They have the lightest skin color (almost to the point of having no skin color at all when untanned); though you can’t safely pinpoint the Americans to be purely white because of the great diversity in their specific sub-races.

Earlier definitions of black people described them as those who are of Sub Saharan-African ancestry. Today, the term has been embraced to include the indigenous inhabitants of Oceania and even some parts of Southeast Asia. Along with this are key characteristics like the hair texture being afro-like (dense, thick and wooly haired individuals) and of course those who really look black.

Black skin color is due to too much melanin ‘“ the skin pigment responsible for color. Scientifically, this pigment is a form of protection against the harsh rays of the sun and other external factors. That’s why white people are more prone to have sunburn when left exposed under the heat of the sun for prolonged periods of time, compared to the blacks. Also, they are more prone to having skin cancer with particular mention to those from Australia as they are the ones with the highest skin cancer index.

The blacks, on the other hand, are more protected from vitamin folate destruction which makes them healthier beings for reproduction. Hence, it is safe to say that under natural conditions (without the aid of medicine, vitamins and other forms of supplementation) the blacks have a higher life expectancy and chances of survival and reproduction when left in the tropics compared to the white people.

Not to demean either group, it has been said (although not proven yet) that there are some other differences between them. Some scientists claim that black people are less intelligent and more prone to commit violence than the whites. Most likely it is because of the way they think. However, there’s no clear proof to this notion yet and even if there will be proof, the case is difficult to get generalized as being intelligent and violent can be a result of lots of variables and situations that are hard to control. In addition, it has also been noted that both blacks and whites have different reactions to some drugs. And like the ones mentioned earlier, either group has some predispositions to certain diseases which make one group more likely to have them compared to the other.


1. Black people are those who are of Sub Saharan-African ancestry, while the white people are those who are primarily European in decent.
2. Black people have very dark skin colors compared to the whites who have very light skin.
3. Black people have wooly and denser hair compared to the whites who often have straight and light-colored hair.

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  1. so the reason why black people do think different boils down to slavery if white people were slaves and still have the history that balck people have now it would be the same exact way. Slavery doesnt just go away as new generation comes if your family is brought up wrong then chances are so is the next generation.

    • There’s lots of proof that it wasn’t Whites who were responsible for most of the African slave trade but actually Ashkenazi Jews (and they’re a mixed race people who look like Whites but aren’t).

      Look here: http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Walter.White/Who.Brought.the.Slaves.to.America.htm

      • F#ck off, you propaganda loving folk that like to blame everything on the poor jews. Seriously you’d think that would get old… but somehow the unintelligent just LOVE to blame EVERY bad act done on earth on jewish people. Seriously, i’ve seen so many heinous things done by SO many different people in my lifetime and i can ASSURE you none of them were Jewish. History as well is full of messed up occurrences, but they were not ALL done by the same ethnic backgrounds. Especially since most people who are Ashkenazi Jewish are like 90% a European ethnicity PLUS a little Hebrew. People who blame EVERYTHING on the Jewish, need to really invest in some therapy.

        But as for all people who refer to themselves as being “black” not actually being the African Americans that were enslaved, no duh. I’ve seen Somalians, and completely OBVIOUSLY different blacks come to North America and SUDDENLY act like they were enslaved by every white that ever existed. I think media is party to blame, then the education system, and most of the people from Somalia are not known to be extremely intelligent folk.

      • Ashkenazi jews ARE white individuals of european ancestry. The name itself came from the “Askenaz” kingdom in GERMANY, a WHITE EUROPEAN country…. Stop trying to seperate yourselves from White Jews. The only difference between you and them is that their ancestors converted to Judaism and took the faith on as their own, while yours didn’t. Judaism originated in Africa. The original Hebrews that were described in the bible were of course an African people, not the european converts you refer to as jews.

    • …Whites have been enslaved. The word “slave” was formed from “slav” or Eastern Europeans.

      See Irish Slave trade, Mongol Empire, Ottoman Empire, Barbary Slave Trade, Muslim Caliphates, Hunnic Empires, etc.

  2. I actually thought this article was going to be more indept and more intelligent than it actually was. There is culture, historical, racial and many other factors that differ betwen us, few which were mentioned in this article.

    Okay so our skin colors are different. Spanish whites are differently (alabaster) colored than the English whites (swarthy), how about the Asian-like whites (inbetween) , you know the ones with slanted eyes, but still consider theirselves caucausian? Regarding the blacks: why would they be considered humans with “too much mellanin”, if that is what is normal for them? And then if you are white and have woolly hair, does that mean you are a light skinned black person or if you have straight hair does that mean you are dark skinned white person? What else makes black and whites different? How about noses? Lips? I have seen flat noses on caucasians and pointed noses on blacks or asians? Skinny lips on blacks and full (no collagen) lips on whites.

    Getting back to slanted eyes….aren’t those pertinent to so-called Native Americans, what does that make them? Caucausian or asian? True they are considered red, but isn’t that true because of all the red dirt they are supposed to have eatten? The last comment which blew me away was the one about blacks being more violent or unintelligent and the fact that that has not been proven either way. Interesting, that it is not mentioned what color these scientists are…..interesting indeed how interesting this whole article has turned out to NOT be.

    Of course you might feel the same about my two cents. So be it!

  3. It all boils down to food and environment. Blacks have been poisoned thr food since decades ago. Right from the colonial, and slavery times. Ofcourse the whites had the advantage of being more civilised and knowlegeable at the time. They misused this knowledge to poison blacks so as to convert them into inferior beings whom they could control. The poisoned genes have been passed on generation to generation and the rate of poisoning has gone higher. Now even whites are being poisoned. Thats why the heamoglobin level btn the two races is diffrent since heamoglobin needs copper and black foods have been devoid of copper or has copper depletors. Skin colour may also be determined by the types of acids the body has been exposed to over time. The levels of acids are also inherited. These are a few examples.
    Bottomline – We are all humans of one race. If we all started out neutral and were exposed to similar foods and environment we wold all be the same. Infact to me we are all intelligent. The difference is in the amount of energy a person has available in the brain. This energy can be enhanced or depleted using foods or the state of health of a person. The more the energy, the more the creativity and motivation to do big things. Less energy may mean one may have an idea but fail to see it through because they feel lethargic and unable to carry it out.
    Even criminal behaviour can be explained by the nutrition and minerals available to an individual
    I rest ma case

  4. there’s is no different between the blacks and the whites except in skin coulour,and after all knowledge is found through its process(learning).
    the producer of these articles seems to be from the white tribes ,definitely he’s stupid

  5. I think they got the intelligence idea from the Data Recorded by the U.S. Census bearuea which states that Blacks graduat from college less than whites. And also there is Trends which show countries throughout history which contain blacks and latinos have had a higher rate of poverty than asian and white lands even though the lands africans occupied where rich in resources.

  6. Whites are considered superior and have the technolgy and talk proper english, and have authority or in charge of everything, and blacks are considered ghetto, loud, or violent or on drugs, but reality we all have faults and are not perfect.

    • The ONLY one that is superior “Is Not Whites nor blacks” but God our creator!
      If you thank all of your statement is true, then your father is of the Devil, which is the father of ALL lies! Beloved, Them that Dwells with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ in spirit and believe, shares the true inheritance of His Superiorities over All rather Black or White! For the True living God sees & Juges not our color, but rather our love of Him and for each other! Therefore I say unto you beloved, be not deceived for Our God word will not come back void! For them who cause harm in any from to His children Shall reap that of the same ten times more, rather in this Life or thereafter… I pray you seek Ye first the Kingdom of God our Father and Trust in His RIGHTOUSNESS (Not that of Your own)! Signed: His watcher

  7. “Black skin color is due to too much melanin.” Wow. That is rather ridiculous and racist. “Too much?” Why didn’t you choose to say “White skin color is due to too little melanin?” An accurate way to discuss melanin would be to say “The contrast between naturally darker skin and lighter skin is produced by the difference in melanin content.” That’s still very clunky but better than a value judgment of “too much” or “too little.”

    “Some scientists claim that black people are less intelligent and more prone to commit violence than the whites. Most likely it is because of the way they think.” There is so much wrong with this. The fact that you chose to cite “some scientists” to reference such an archaic notion of “race” makes me wonder what your motivations are behind writing this Difference Between entry. Using your approach, one could also say “some scientists” believe that there are small gnomes living within human beings that create illnesses. Sure, there are “some scientists” who claim things that are not universally accepted understandings but citing them is only useful when discussing the nature of the scientific community itself. And don’t get me started on your use of “the whites” or “the blacks.” Unless you’re writing dialogue for a reboot of the character Archie Bunker, it makes your credibility plummet through the floor when you use that language.

    If you want to be taken seriously, I strongly advise that you go back to writing class before you try to write another article on any subject whatsoever.

    • i noticed that too. i dont think blacks can have too much melanin because they were the first humans, so whites came after blacks, therefore, whites have too little melanin.

  8. There is no such thing as a “Sub Saharan African”. That is a racist term meant to try to separate the original black north africans from the other africans below the sahara desert. Many white people don’t want to admit that the great egyptian civilization and the moors were black, but they were. They were all African.

  9. This article was very funny and made me laugh…hard. Being Black I love it when less intelligent folks start off saying we’re less intelligent, have different bone structure, too much of this or not enough of that, blah, blah. A better article would have been there’s more cultural differences but Blacks & Whites share various similarities…they come in all sizes, shapes and complexions and both are subject to factors in their environment for success or failure. It cracks me up when someone says something stupid about my race and I have to educate them…see these are the folks that think ALL Blacks, or minorities in general, are darker because they read this article…I look whiter than most White people…along with a bunch of other Blacks, Spanish, Hispanics, etc. Let’s take out the racist undertones and stick to the facts and this will be a good article like others on this web page.

  10. This article is disappointing and illegitimate due to its lack of evidence and citations and blatant racism. Just to point out two of the numerous unsupported assertions made in this article, this person claims that blacks are “healthier for reproduction” and Australian blacks have the “highest index for skin cancer” without any attempt to support with legitimate references. The complete absence of source citing in this article is an embarrassment for the so-called writer as Wikipedia even attempts to cite many of its sources. The worst part of this whole article is the assertion that “…black people are less intelligent and more prone to commit violence than the whites. Most likely it is because of the way they think,” while trying to cushion this statement by saying “not to demean either group” while only claims about black people followed. It’s outrageous and unabashedly racist that anyone would assert that because of race, one is inherently born “less intelligent” and more likely to commit violent crimes. If anything here is lacking intelligence, it is this article and its poorly supported, racist comments. I hope this is taken down or at the very least reinforced with legitimate sources.

  11. QUOTE:: “Obviously, it all boils down to skin color of course.”

    Oh no it does NOT!

    Black males are non-occupational ranking males – cannot stratify their male group by occupational titles, hence, no industries, few businesses, and no sustainable tax base. FACT: Black males have NEVER been able to produce a tax base based on occupations. The problem of course also exists ALL OVER AFRICA. Black males DO NOT belong in occupational ranking environments.

    Prior to white man gifting the black man INTEGRATION rights and the white tax base and white jobs (1964):

    –total number of cities built by Negro males : None
    –total number of industries built by Negro males: None
    –total number of tax bases created by Negro males capable of sustaining gov’t services: None

    –number of white males & females employed by a Negro and supporting a family: None (I have not found ONE case)

    –number of Negroes employed by a white person (household/corporation/business) and supporting a family: Millions

    – total number of residential housing structures built by Negro males in major metropolitan centers: So minute statistically immeasurable

    –total number of Negro male registered businesses: 34,400 (in other words, only .0043 of all adult black males owned their own business in 1960- all are mom & pop operations.

    • What you are talking about is white society, white structures, white values and white everything. It just happens that in this era, GOD has allowed the whites to colonize the world and impose their way of life on us. But who says it is superior? How long have you been in this world since it was created? was the white man always on top? So don’t write ignorant trash, just enjoy your supposed “superiority” while it lasts. African society had its own way of life which was simple, fulfilling and in touch with nature till you changed coz of GOD’s purpose for this era. Its obvious that blacks are naturally more humane and welcoming and so can easily be colonized by the more cruel whites rather than colonize other societies. I REPEAT THE WHITE WAY OF LIFE IS NOT SUPERIOR. I appreciate Christianity, but the quality of life now is soo low and the inner vitality of humans has disappeared coz them whites have interfered with all natural ways. NOT SUPERIOR AT ALL. How do you expect blacks to excel at a way of life that is not originally theirs? We will most likely be at the bottom coz we are humans and not machines. Otherwise we are freeier people at heart. I wish blacks would revert to a kind of societal structure and systems that suit them and would bring out the best in them. This whitenizing is all wrong for us

      • There is a difference, wether it be bone structure, ability, or thought. We evolved differently as our skin clearly proves. I’m clearly no expert, but GOD had NOTHING to do with any of it.

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