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dragonWyvern vs Dragon

A wyvern is a mythical creature whose origins are traced in Europe. It is commonly associated with the subspecies of the dragon and it shares a lot of similarities with it. It is commonly depicted as a mean, treacherous and harmful creature, marked out by its two legs and one pair of wings with some variants such as the sea wyvern having a fish-like tail. However more common illustrations depict it as having a barb on the tail or a spade at the tip often considered poisonous. Other illustrations show it having eagle-like claws.

A dragon is one of the most popular and easily recognizable among mythical creatures. Its depiction is of a snake-like fire spitting beast or some reptile but with ability to fly. Some depictions show dragons as having legs whereas others show them without legs and having one head or more. Their known reproduction is through hatching and are said to be exceedingly fierce and powerful. European culture perceives dragons as evil and usually associates them with the evil in Christian doctrine. Different cultures symbolize dragons differently, for instance European culture collectively perceive them as cruel and evil whereas in Chinese culture dragons symbolize good luck and are allied with power.

Although both wyverns and dragons are depicted as flying creatures with wings, wyverns are not adept flyers like dragons. Dragons have a monstrous mouth that has sharp pangs whereas wyverns have beaked mouths. Dragons have varying shapes, sizes and body color whereas wyverns have a common standard shape. Unlike wyverns, some depictions show dragons as wingless and generally more reptilian than wyverns.

1. Wyverns are depicted to be less poisonous they are sometimes believed to be able to breathe poison through their mouth. Dragons on the other hand are known have a fervent breath as one of their strongest and most dreaded weapon.
2. Wyverns are collectively perceived as ferocious creatures with a repellent temperament whereas dragons are accepted in certain cultures as creatures of good luck especially in Chinese folklore.
3. Physically wyverns are known to be smaller, lighter and generally weaker than their cousins the dragons. Dragons are depicted as able to speak and are capable of some compelling speech. They are also intellectually bright creatures. However their kin the wyverns are less open to speech, preferring to stay silent most of the time.
4. Although both creatures are habitants in wild lands where humans rarely settle, dragons will generally prefer to settle underground, creating their lair on a high dry country for a cave. Wyverns meanwhile will prefer to create their lair in lowly water bed areas like swampy places or areas around lakes or pools.
5. All in all, as both creatures are just mythical and mainly symbolic in different folklore, the dragon has been the most prevailing in all folklore and fauna.

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  1. Wyvern are Dragons failtard..

  2. I have a question if anybody ever played Skyrim are the dragons in that Wyverns they have two legs and wings no arms. But I guess you could class there wings as arms I don’t know. Pleas Msg me back on my Twitter @MrxMiZFiT thanks guys

    • The skyrim dragon are a Large and more intelligent Wyvern

    • i took some time to learn about it and look at folklore. really what makes a wyvern a wyvern is its body make-up, as well as almost every wyvern I’ve read about is venomous. while I used to use the wing policy it simply can’t apply anymore. they are dragons, not wyverns, they can breathe fire, are intelligent, and can fly very very well. while they only have two legs, they are still “true dragons”

  3. Some commentarial flaws ive seen, ‘fail’ wyverns are NOT dragons, although this is commonly mistaken, their reptilia boy not dragon, then for mr ‘callum’ skyrim houses Wyverns, as described body features, those are wyvern specific, dragons VERY rarely house these characteristics.

    • Wyverns are (or were) described in Medieval literature as being these serpent-like creatures with wings, often having spiked tails and two hind legs – using claws attached to their wings to make their way on ground.

      Unlike Dragons whose tail is not spiked, they are larger beasts and the have four legs and their wings aren’t attached to their upper body but to their middle

  4. A dragon had 4 legs and may (like the western dragons) or may not (like the eastern dragon) have wings. Wyverns have 2 legs and 2 wings and they are all poisonous

  5. Have not had

  6. The wyvern is…
    …a legendary winged creature with a dragon’s head a pair of wings, serpentine body, two legs, and a barbed tail.

    While the dragon is…
    …a huge lizard with a four legs and a pair of wings and can breathe fire. However, some dragons have no wings and some cannot breathe fire. Some dragons breathe frost, lightning, gas, etc.

    It is the difference between wyvern and dragon.

  7. So the main difference pretty much is if there front arms are legs or wings also used as wings?

    • Yes. A wyvern usually has a spiked tail and no front legs. Instead they walk in on the tips of their wings; similar to a bat’s wing.

  8. The dragons in Skyrim can breathe fire/ice, have the ability to speak, do magic and are quite intelligent, yet they are wyverns, and wyverns don’t breathe fire, have poisonous tail spikes and are pretty stupid.
    What’s with that?

    • I believe that the ‘Skyrim’ dragons are wyverns that share more elements of dragons than typical wyverns in Fantasy folklore. Of course, since wyverns are mythical creatures, they can vary depending upon the specific medium that presents them. So, I feel as though the dragons in ‘Skyrim’ are kind of a mix of both typical dragons and typical wyverns, but that they lean more toward typical wyverns. My thought is that they are simply more powerful wyverns than those that are usually depicted in Fantasy platforms. (I say “the ‘Skyrim’ dragons” and “the dragons in ‘Skyrim'” because the citizens of ‘Skyrim’ refer to the creatures that I believe to simply be very powerful wyverns in ‘Skyrim’ as “dragons.”) I’m sorry if I managed to make things more confusing instead of clearer.

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