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Crystal vs Gold Silver

Crystal, Gold and Silver are some of the versions of the famous game in the adventurous Pokémon series. The Pokémon Crystal game is a sequel to the Gold and Silver Pokémon games, just like what Pokémon Yellow is to the original Pokémon red and blue. ‘Pokémon’ basically refers to a series of various ‘pocket monsters’ numbering 150 for the original games, that a player has to collect, foster and trade. The catch here is to become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer. So, a player must use his monsters during battle with other trainers.

The Crystal version is an upgrade to the hand-held Gold and Silver editions of the Pokémon game, obviously with a load of enhancement features. Essentially, it is still the same game but the Crystal version offers the best of the classic Pokémon adventure of collecting and going to battle. The Crystal version is at the top of the list for the best Game Boy Color role-playing games.

The Crystal version’s most salient feature is the female trainer who is selectable and has her own animations and backgrounds. This introduction is a better way for gender evolution, allowing a female character named Krys to be played. Her name Krys originates from the Game name Crystal.

Pokémon Gold and Silver inherited the basic design blueprint of the red, blue and yellow games and the two versions are exactly the same, except for the images of the characters in battle, and the characters available for capture in the wild, maintaining the ‘trade necessity’ design. The gist in Pokémon is the fact that the players don’t do their own fighting but rather their captured creatures from the wild will employ the player’s brute battle skills. Gold and silver have exactly 251 various species of creatures from which to capture and train.
Pokémon Crystal introduces an unusual creature in Suicune, which is meant to be the next generation of Pikachu. Unlike in Gold and Silver, where the legendary dogs will hike when awakened in the burnt-tower basement, Suicune in Crystal stays in battle and fights on. Also new in Crystal is the battle tower, move tutors and animations. However, one of the downsides many find with the Crystal game is that it is too similar to Gold and Silver.

Crystal is a sequel to Gold and Silver Pokémon games.
Crystal introduced gender evolution in the name of Krys, a female character.
Crystal introduced move tutors and the battle tower which are absent in Gold and Silver.
Crystal introduced a new creature in Suicune, different from the legendary dogs in gold and silver.

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