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Difference Between Yellow Cards and Red Cards in Football

footballYellow Cards vs Red Cards in Football

Yellow and red cards are used in different sports to indicate different things. But it usually means caution or a serious offense.

In football, when the referee issues a yellow card to a player it means that the player is being cautioned officially in the game. Followed by the showing of the yellow card is the booking procedure. In this procedure, the referee makes a small note of the player in a book. This means that the player is being noted down and the player is known as being booked. The player can continue in the game further, after being shown the yellow card.

Some of the reasons for showing a yellow card can be:

  • Showing dissent by action or word
  • Infringing the rules of the game continuously
  • Making the replay delayed
  • Unsporting behavior
  • Leaving the field without the permission of the referee

A red card, on the other hand can be issued to a player by the referee, when there is a serious offense and the card means that the player must leave the field immediately. The leaving of the field is termed as ejection, expulsion, or even being sent off. Once the player leaves the field, he or she cannot play in the game further. And also when the player leaves the games when a red card is shown, no other player can be used as replacement. So the team will have to continue the game with lesser number of people.

Some of the reasons for issuing a red card can be:

  • Any act of violence
  • Spitting at any other player on the field
  • Serious foul act
  • Using abusive gestures or language
  • Professional foul

A yellow card can be shown twice to a player in a game while a red can be shown only once. When a yellow card is being shown for the second time, the player will have to leave the field and a red card will be issued. Yellow card is a player’s first and final warning, while a red card disqualifies the player from playing the game further.

Apart from the players, even the non-players like the managers and support staff also can be shown the yellow and red cards for misconduct. But they will not be expelled from the area.

1.Yellow card denotes a warning to the player and red card means that the player is being sent off from the game.
2.After getting a yellow card the player can play further, but after a red card is issued, player cannot play further in the game.
3.Yellow card can be issued twice to a player in one game. Red card is issued only once.
4.When yellow card is issued, the player can continue in the game. But when a player leaves the field after being issued a red card, no substitute player can be used in the game.

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  1. After second yellow – is it necessary the Referee has to give red card …or the player can still continue to play the game.

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