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‘AMC’ vs ‘DLA’

America is the only superpower left in the world which says a lot about its military capabilities. But more than hi-tech weaponry and deep knowledge of warfare, one of the key factors that give U.S. warriors the edge over their opponents is their ability to prepare for any battle. Among the top military organizations in the world, the U.S. Armed Forces is the best when it comes to gathering resources and support facilities for their soldiers. Two agencies are a proof of that ‘“ the AMC and DLA.

‘AMC’ stands for the U.S. Army Material Command, and ‘DLA’ is short for Defense Logistics Agency. These are the two organizations that handle all the materials and equipment American soldiers will need to do their job. While they may share the same function in the military organization, each group has their own set of tasks and duties that are different from one another.

The AMC handles a wide spectrum of material acquisition for all kinds of military personnel on land, sea, or air. Their top priority is to ensure that the efforts given by soldiers are matched with appropriate items they will need. And what are the things that a U.S. military man will need? The AMC gives him or her the best tactical advantage using technology.

This means acquiring the latest innovations in reconnaissance and weapons development. Whenever there’s new equipment that will give soldiers the edge in the battlefield, the AMC makes sure that they’re the first to deliver it to them. The same goes for vehicles, munitions, uniforms, and even food rations.

The DLA, on the other hand, is in charge of logistical support just like the AMC, but they’re not exclusive to the military alone. Unlike the AMC, which focuses on military readiness at all times, the DLA also works with civilian agencies and foreign countries that need humanitarian aid. They deliver fuel, food, clothing, and medical supplies as well as construction materials wherever U.S. troops are and in areas where there is big involvement for the U.S. government. In addition to logistical support, the DLA also supplies spare parts needed for repairs of military vehicles like tanks and planes.

There is also a big difference with regards to the age of both agencies. The DLA was born during World War II when America needed to organize a massive logistical support system for its military buildup in preparation for war. It made procurement of supplies for all branches of the military a lot easier, and so the service was continued up to this day. The AMC, on the other hand, was created in 1962 which means it’s relatively younger compared to the DLA. It is also believed that the success of the DLA paved the way for the formation of the AMC which had the same goal ‘“ creation of one unit to support all military groups.


1. The AMC is a logistical support group specializing in military matters while the DLA supports both military and non-military agencies of the U.S.
2. The DLA is older than the AMC.

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