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“Wizard” and “warlocks” are understood to be male magicians who practice magic for good and bad reasons. Some believe that “wizards” were wise people who practiced magic for helping others, and “warlocks” were magicians who were evil and usually practiced magic for their own good and achieving more power. It all depends on culture, mythology, and the different beliefs and folklore of different cultures. Some other words used for male magic practitioners are: “mage,” “sorcerer,” etc. Basically, these words are used for the male equivalent of witches.

The word “wizard” and “warlock” are sometimes used interchangeably, but the origin of both of the words is derived from two different eras and have different meanings. For example, in the Wiccan community, “warlock” refers to an offensive, specific meaning. Both of the words are viewed and understood by people of different communities differently. “Warlock” is a word which was derived from the word “waerloga.” It means “oath breaker,s, “ traitor,” “deceiver,” and was used in Old English whereas “wizard” was derived from the word “wysard” which meant “wise.” It was derived from the word used in Middle English.

As the word meanings suggest, “warlocks” were perceived by many communities as people who deceived, broke oaths, and were traitors and used magical powers to gain what they wanted without any morals. They were considered to be negative characters as compared to “wizards” who were believed to be people who practiced magic but had very strong, moral values and were wise men. They were believed to help others and advised people using their wisdom.

In many communities, “warlocks” were believed to be far more advanced than “wizards” and indulged themselves in very complex, magical practices. They were corruptible, did not care much about other people, and were mainly interested in achieving higher magical powers. For example, in the Medieval Christian community, “warlocks” were people who carried out witchcraft. They were rarer than witches and were supposed to be prosecuted for their witchcraft whereas “wizards “were considered friendly, wise, and advisers of the community. In modern days, “wizard” is used for referring to someone who is very good at his work like a “software wizard” meaning someone who is excellent and almost genius at his work.

“Warlock” in the Wiccan community meant someone who had been exiled from his coven because he broke the oath as Wiccans take their oaths very seriously. In this community, it can be used for a male or a female and is considered a very offensive word. So basically, the two words have positive and negative meanings, and the difference is between good and evil.

1.“Warlock” is a word which was derived from Old English meaning “traitor,” “deceiver,” and “oath breaker”; “wizard” is a word which has been derived from Middle English meaning “wise.”
2.“Warlock” is used for evil practitioners of magic; “wizard” is used for wise and friendly practitioners of magic.

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