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There’s so much confusion going on when distinguishing several personas of magic. Mages, witches, sorcerers, and wizards, among others, are collectively known in the fantasy genre as magicians. However, different cultures with mythical accounts and even video games having these magicians as characters further cloud the distinctions between them.

In the case of the sorcerer and the wizard, the first thing that most readers, moviegoers, gamers, and other persons from different walks of life will notice is the appearance. Wizards are usually pictured as having a long beard, old aged, wearing simple attire while sorcerers are seen as attractive beings of magic that are beautiful and usually more good-looking than the former. To add, sorcerers in both the factual and fantasy aspect usually appear younger than the seasoned wizards.

According to other sources, sorcerers are said to be able to draw out the mystic energies surrounding them and from within them. They are inherently talented persons of magic that are adept to controlling or channeling magical energy. That’s why sorcerers are dubbed as natural spell casters because of their talents in the magical arts. Other races, not only human, can become a sorcerer.

Etymologically, wizard is a term derived from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) term “wysard,” which means “the wise one.” They are often depicted as beings that do a formal study about spells for them to be able to cast them. The word “sorcerer,” by contrast, is of Old French origin “sorcier” which also means the same thing as its other counterpart.

Based on popular fantasy games such as “Dungeons and Dragons,” the two beings are character classes that the gamer can choose to play. Sorcerers, in this game, appear to be a blaster-type magician who repeatedly blasts magic towards the enemies. On the contrary, wizards take good care of their spell books as it is synonymous to their lives. The absence of such will make them vulnerable and unable to use spells unlike sorcerers who can still create magic from thin air.


1.The term “sorcerer” is derived from Old French while “wizard” is taken from Old English.
2.Sorcerers are said to be more inherently adept to magic and are considered as natural spell casters.
3.Wizards learn their craft and spells from long hours of studying and meditation.
4.Wizards are often pictured as old magicians with long beards while sorcerers are usually more youthful than the wizards.
5.Based on some popular fantasy games, wizards rely so much on their spell books for them to create magic unlike sorcerers who can cast such out of thin air.

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