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Wizard vs Warlock

Differentiating a warlock from a wizard may be tough most especially if you ask from several opinions from different individuals. Some may even confuse the two with other worldly magical beings like witch, mage, and sorcerer. Nevertheless, both persons use magic in their crafts.

Foremost, “warlock” is a term whose history of origin dates back longer than the term “wizard.” It comes from the Old English word “waerloga” that translates as “oath breaker.” “Wizard” is of Middle English origin that means “wise.” In this connection, the former has been associated with a darker character as their presence has been thought to be negative and harm the existence of the community. They are perceived to be more inclined with the use of the dark arts and evil spells. On the contrary, wizards are those who offer wise advice to the masses and who uplift the codes of morality and ethics.

Many stories that are fantasy in nature have wizards that help the major characters attain their goals. Even today, the idea of wizards is now being used in software programs (i.e. Microsoft Word) to guide the user on how to go about using the important functions of such.

To Medieval Christians, who did not give a clear distinction between the two titles, they just regard both as male magic practitioners. Warlocks act as the male counterpart of the witch who’s almost always pictured as being female. A wizard can also be a male magic practitioner who practices alchemy. He makes use of spells or magic that seems to defy the laws of physics. Arguably, the warlocks use magic that is much more realistic than wizards.

In other communities, like the Wiccan culture, the term “warlock” signifies something very offensive. To them, a “warlock” is someone who broke the community code and may have been exiled from a certain coven. Being regarded as such is very offensive because they give great importance to their vows or oaths.

In the gaming world, the two characters are very different. Their distinctions vary from one game title to another because the difference may be on the kind of spell they cast, the level of magic they have, or the sources of power they’re using. There’s still no real agreement on which one is which.


1.The term “warlock” is older than the term “wizard.”
2.The term “warlock” is of Old English nature while “wizard” is Middle English.
3.The term “warlock” is connoted to a darker and evil character while wizards are usually regarded as good magic practitioners.
4.A warlock, according to some communities, is the male counterpart of the witch and is a very offensive title that means someone who broke the community code.
5.Wizards nowadays are used as a guide in computer operating systems and other software programs.

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