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Women’s hair has always been their crowning glory. With today’s prying eyes of the fashion police, one cannot go walking down the street flaunting a designer piece of clothing without styling her hair based on her overall ensemble.

It used to be that women were the most conscious about how their hair looked. Scanning through the pages of beauty and fashion magazines, nonetheless, will also show how men of today are conscious of their hairstyles and dos. But while one’s hair can be the center of attention among critics and fashionistas alike, (especially Hollywood celebrities who often grace the red carpet), hairstyles and colors may also be the subject of jokes for most pranksters.

Alongside the jokes that give puns to clueless blondes, there are also several jokes that make fun of what are called gingers.

“Gingers” are described as individuals with pale skin, freckled faces, and orangy red hair. Because of their unique looks, several cartoonists have developed animated characters inspired by gingers. Charles “Chuckie” Crandall Finster from “Rugrats” is probably the most famous ginger cartoon character.

While Chuckie can be adorable to some adoring fans of the “Rugrats,” he perfectly embodies the pun thrown by society to gingers. They are often geeky and goofy with personalities associated with students who are often the target of bullies both in middle school and high school.

This response of society to gingers can be confusing as the fashion world is slowly becoming fond of redheads. In fact, famous blondes from Hollywood stardom are constantly surprising the public by showcasing their red hair during the Academy Awards and other events with glitzy, red carpet moments.

In fact, brunette or blonde celebrities slowly turning into redheads never fail to catch the attention of fans and fashion critics along with the paparazzi and newscasters of showbiz news.

This is for the sole reason that redheads are considered to be one of the most trendiest and fashionable celebrities. Seems like Spider Man’s Mary Jane is not the only girl with red hair in the showbiz arena anymore.
Why then would people make fun of gingers when they appreciate a redhead walking down the block?

The answer from Internet forums dedicated to humiliating people with unique looks is simple: “Ginger” refers to the overall look of an individual, considering his/her orangy red hair color, pale skin, and freckles. Redheads refer to individuals with strong and adventurous fashion sense.

Redheads showcase deep hair color which may include the lush shade of champagne or hues of burgundy. Gingers, on the other hand, have hair color that may look like a ball of strands dried out in the sun during the long hours of summer.

Redheads can be a label given to individuals of different skin tones. “Ginger,” on the other hand, is a term associated with people with pale, freckled skin. One can be a redhead by choice, but gingers are born with these natural characteristics.

The term “redhead” can also be seen as a general adjective that can describe someone based on his or her hair color. Labeling someone as ginger, nonetheless, can be derogatory and hurtful.

Most beauty advocates today call for the halting of ginger labels by individuals. Most consider the pun as racist moves and a form of bullying. Gingers, however, are seen as unique and beautiful individuals by most beauty advocates. In fact, most of those in the modelling industry prefer to book a ginger because of their ability to portray several characters in different settings. Even Tyra Banks herself, the second most influential black woman next to Oprah, encourages models to emphasize their freckles and orangy red hair during photoshoots.


1.Redheads are seen as fashionable individuals while gingers are the subject of puns and jokes of most critics.
2.“Redhead” is used to pertain to a hair color; “ginger” is a derogatory label when referring to an overall look of an individual.
3.Anyone with red hair color can be called a redhead. Individuals with pale, freckled skin and vibrant red hair color are called a ginger.

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  1. I believe the hole in your argument is that you do not define redheads on the same line as gingers. As an example, my hair typically looks like a mix of shades of brown, but if you look at it when it’s combed and dry, the majority of it is actually a dark red, leaving my overall hair looking like a dark red when I’m out in the sun. My mustache and beard are completely dark red (no orange to them). In this way, I am a “redhead,” while someone with very orange hair would be considered a ginger. Why cant people understand this?

    • Exactly! I have dark red (auburn) hair and there is a complete difference between redheads and gingers, orange or red hair. Sadly some people loop redheads in with gingers because they just assume it’s all the same but they come from different places and look different (gingers typically are Irish while redheads can be Russian or sometimes something else, gingers have very pale skin, light eyes and tons of freckles, redheads have darker red hair, darker colored eyes, and just like anyone else they could have some freckles and whatever skin tone)

  2. Ha! I’m a ginger. And by virtue of being ginger, I am also a redhead. And I can categorically say that whomever wrote this is a c*nt. Lick my ginger pubes, you dickhead. Mwah x

  3. Well then what should we call someone in between all this characteristics? Depending on the season my hair can be orangey or dark auburn colors. In the summer time my freckles are out there and winter time hardly no freckles. I cannot be out in the sun do to polymorphous light eruption(allergic to the UVA/UVB rays) and when I do get into sunlight my skin tone goes from light light tan to a light tan with red highlights in it. So I guess I’m just one mysterious redhead/Ginger that’s there isn’t a name for. Does any one of you redheads/gingers have issues with your blood counts?

  4. I’m light auburn with pale skin and lots of freckles. I’m definitely a redhead!

  5. Why do people act like we are cryptids? Non redheads literally view us as aliens are you guys okay mentally?

  6. Rather be dead
    Then dead in the head
    Like the hair on the dick of a donkey!!

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