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Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Belt

Men’s vs Women’s Belt

Belts have been in use for a very long time. They have been in use more by men and earlier than women for over centuries. The history of belts dates back to the Bronze Age. In modern times, belts have been in use by both men and women for accessorizing their outfits and for utility. Men’s belts were most commonly used by soldiers and are still a symbol of rank, pride, honor, and discipline in the defense services.

In general, a men’s and a women’s belt does not have any basic difference like clothing or shoes. But based on the physique of a male and a female, the sizes of belts, the make, the material used are of different types.

Some belts are unisex as the belt used by police officers, carpenters, or other utility belts. Belts used for martial arts are of different colors and indicate the skill level of the one wearing it, male or female. An obi is a traditional Japanese belt used over the kimono. There are role-playing belts available for both sexes.

Men’s belts
Belts worn by men were used basically for utility. The soldiers used to wear them to carry their weapons. Slowly they became a symbol of pride and a part of a uniform even when men were not at war. After the 1920s they were also used to keep their trousers secured at the waist. The male body does not have curves to support the trousers thus the belts are necessary. From the mid-90s, wearing the trousers very low became fashionable, and belts became an utmost requirement to keep the trousers on.

Usually, the men’s belts come in the waist sizes which are between 27- 48 inches. The buckles are stronger, and the holes are on the left while the buckles are on the right side.

Women’s belts
Women’s belts started with the introduction of skirts and tops. They were used to accessorize the outfits and emphasize the smallness of the waist more than keeping the outfit together. Women’s belts come in a variety of ranges and materials. The width and decorations used for the belts range from simple glitter to pearls, diamonds, rubies, and turquoises, etc.

They usually come in the sizes ranging between 24 inches to 44 inches. Though the physique of a woman has curves and can hold the skirt or trousers up without the use of a belt, in modern times, low-waisted jeans and trousers have made the belt a necessity to keep the trousers in place.
Sometimes the holes of the women’s belts are on the right while the buckles are on the left, but it is not always so.


1.Men’s belts come in waist sizes ranging from 27 inches to 48 inches; women’s belts come in waist sizes ranging from 24 inches to 44 inches.
2.Sometimes the holes on women’s belts are on the right while the buckles are on the left; whereas, in men’s belts the buckle is always on the right side while the holes are on the left.

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