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Why do men and women react differently when faced with the same situation or problem? Why does a woman cry easier than a man? The difference between a man and a woman is first manifested by the absence or presence of the

Y-chromosome during conception and becomes more evident as they grow and develop.
Physically, a man and a woman are very distinctly different. Men are built larger, heavier, and taller than women. In ancient society, when man’s survival depended on his ability to subdue his natural predators and enemies, men are more dominant than women. Their bodies are designed for physical confrontation. Their muscles are stronger, their skulls and skins are thicker, and their arms and legs are built to allow them to carry heavy loads. These are the most obvious differences between the two sexes.

There are other less apparent differences, though, and this time women have an edge over men. Women are good at multitasking and in creating solutions that really work since they have access to both sides of their brains and utilize even non-verbal cues to solve problems. Men, on the other hand, use the left side and take on tasks and problems one at a time.

This difference in the brain is also the reason why men have better mathematical abilities due to their larger inferior parietal lobule than women while women are more proficient in language than men because they have a larger Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area than men.

Men and women are also susceptible to different disorders because they use different sides of their brains. Men tend to have language problems and are susceptible to autism, ADHD, and Tourette’s syndrome while women are more susceptible to depression and anxiety.

Women are more emotional and more sensitive than men. They are more comfortable with communicating and intimate sharing of experiences and perspectives while men are more comfortable with shared activities that are active and physical such as sports and competition. When faced with a stressful situation, men either fight it or run away from it. Women tend to focus on caring for themselves and those they love in order to create a bond that will help calm their feelings. These reactions have to do with the male and female hormones.


1.A man is a male human being while a woman is a female human being.
2.A man has a bigger body, larger bone structure, stronger muscles, and thicker skin and skull while a woman has a smaller body and bone structure, weaker muscles, and has thinner skin and skull.
3.Men tend to use the left sides of their brains while women use both the left and the right sides of their brains with the right being more dominant.
4.Men are more comfortable with physical activities such as sports while women are good at communicating and sharing their experiences.
5.Men are more susceptible to language problems, autism, ADHD, and Tourette’s syndrome while women are more susceptible to depression and anxiety

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