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Suits and blazers

It’s a lie that men are not as vain as women. Infact, men are vainer than women. And the reason for that is ego. Men stay as much time in front of the mirror as women. They too are very conscious in their looks, their style, and their swagger. That is why if you think that it takes too much time and energy for a woman to shop and get dressed, you are vainly wrong. Men spend as much time to waste in his looks like women does (especially the metro sexual males); only that men are more specific and more accurate than women (in most cases).

Observe when your man has been invited out in a dinner party. Yes. Cases like this one is a testing ground to know whether or not your man is actually vainer than you are (although the quest seems pointless). But nonetheless, you’ll see your man work his way in looking good to an upcoming event especially if it means so much to him. He’d be deciding what to wear. So as a good partner, what you need to do is assist him in picking up what jacket would compliment his looks or built well. Now there are only two types of jacket to consider and these are suits and blazers.

You can only have your man wear a blazer when the occasion is not as formal as it seems. It is also not part of the entire suit (e.g. with tie, trousers, undershirt and shoes). It is individual male apparel worn anytime and anywhere. It is a single breasted made out of wool jacket with plastic buttons although it can also be double breasted with a version of ahoy matey. It has patch pockets and is made of sturdier materials compared to suits and smoother fabrics compared to sports jacket. Blazers are more spontaneous because it can be worn with jeans or shorts with anything under it (may it be shirt or bare skin). It is casual in a sense and makes the wearer look absolutely fit and independent. Blazers were originally worn in settings such as schools, the airlines, clubs such as yachting and rowing. However, these days the popularity has escalated that it is even worn on fashion shows and events not related to the events related to the settings mentioned above. Male Koreans are into blazers more than suit jackets because it’s preppy, young, colorful, and just manned-up with style.

Suit jackets, on the other hand, are worn on formal occasions or on corporate offices. Remember James Bond? Well that’s what a suit looks like. Where blazers are found to be spontaneous, suits were deemed to be snooty. It can only be worn with a slack that has the same fabric of silk and fine wools such as the suit. It is always made out of the finest materials. If you wear it with jeans or any other pants that are not on the same fabric as the suit, then it losses its sophistication. The kind of look that your man can have when he’s wearing a suit jacket depends only on how the suit was cut or was created. It could either make him look elongated or stout or actually really fit.

Conclusively, a variety of blazers and suit jackets should be available in your man’s wardrobe. These are just essential as having a woman’s different tones of eye shadows or different colors of lip sticks to choose from.



Blazers are spontaneous while suits are snooty.

Blazers are worn in casual occasions while suits are worn only on formal settings.

Blazers can be paired with anything else while suits can only be worn with slack or pants made out from the same fabric as the suit.

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