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Differences between blazer and sport coat

There are many different cardigans and pullovers that people in various parts of the world use. They come in various designs, materials, colours etc. Most of these depend on the culture and the social class of the people. In some cases, people only wear these cardigans including blazers, jackets, coats etc. in times of extreme cold. In others, people wear these regularly as it may be a social norm or they may believe that their field or position in an organization demands them to dress professionally. The different types of cardigans are suited to different needs and occasions and are made to be that way. For example a sport coat, as its name suggests, is made for sports purposes and must be tailored to meet the needs of a sportsperson.

Blazers and sport coats are confused with each other a lot although as we will now point out, there are certain differences between the two. To begin with, a blazer is a jacket that resembles a suit coat. However, it is cut more casually and usually has prominent, silver metal buttons. The cloth used to make it is durable because it is supposed to be worn outdoors. A blazer may also be used as a uniform for schools, airlines, yachting, rowing clubs etc. It is usually used for all sorts of occasions, both formal and informal. In contrast to this, a sport coat, which is also referred to as a sports jacket, tweed coat or tweed jacket is usually for lesser formal occasions. It is a jacket specifically made for men (although there are also those for women) and is somewhat similar to a suit jacket. It does not come as part of a suit and can be worn on its own; matching trousers is not something that is needed with it. The material and fabrics used are usually thicker and sturdier than the material used for other types of coats. The styles, colours as well as patterns are of greater variation in sport coats than any other coats. Traditionally, they were used for outdoor sports or for hunting etc. However, in recent times, they have been used on formal occasions as well as school uniforms.

Whereas sports coats were primarily used for hunting whereby the muted tones of the tweed coats were suited for the same, blazers were traditionally used at sea. Sports coats had a woodsy, fox-hunter look and the leather patches were actually used as a protective measure against shotgun kickback and not for fashion as is the case nowadays.  On the other hand, blazers were used by sea captains who had their blazers with buttons of brass and crests on the chest made with a fabric that was either navy blue or had a similar brighter colour. The intention was to differentiate the captains from the rest in order to make him easier to find.

Blazers now come in various colours although the traditional colour has always been navy blue. Grey, tan and some rainbow colours are also common in some places. Sport coats come in earthy colours, with solid colour and patterns. Popular patterns include hounds tooth, sharkskin etc.

Blazers have patch pockets which are actually flat patches of fabric that have been sewn onto the outside of the coat. The left breast pocket always remains open and the pockets on the bottom of the blazer can or cannot have flaps. Sport coats, however, have flap pockets in general. Some designers also make a small ticket pocket on the right breast which is less of a pocket and more of a fashionable design!

Summary of differences expressed in points

1. Blazer-a jacket that resembles a suit coat, cut more casually, has silver metal buttons, made of durable cloth; Sport coat-similar to a suit jacket, matching trousers not required

2. Blazers for formal and informal occasions; sport coats usually for informal only

3. Blazer is also used as a uniform for schools, airlines, yachting, rowing clubs etc.; Sport coats were traditionally used for outdoor sports or for hunting etc., now also used as uniforms and for formal occasions

4. History-Blazer- were used by sea captains; sport coats were used by hunters

5. Blazers comes in navy blue, grey, tan and some rainbow colours; Sport coats come in earthy colours, with solid colour and patterns

6. Blazers have patch pockets; Sport coats have flap pockets in general

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