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Settlements like cities, towns, and ancient tribes probably started when a man paired with a woman, produced children, who in turn paired off with members of the opposite sex and had even more children. At first they went from one place to another in search for food but after agriculture was discovered, started to stay in one place.

Oftentimes they meet with other families who speak the same language and share their beliefs. To lessen the threat of attack from other families, they intermarry, which made the family even larger, creating a tribe.

They developed systems that made their community harmonious and as they interacted with other families, the tribe continued to grow.

From this ancient community rose the modern day settlements and cities as we know today.

People today have the choice of living in a city or in the country. Some would prefer to live in the busy overpopulated cities while others prefer the peace and quiet of country life. Although both are parts of a central government and the people may share the same benefits, they offer ways of life that are very different.

A city is a large settlement that has advanced sanitation, utility, housing, and transportation systems. It is a central trading place that allows its inhabitants to live close to establishments that offer trade, education, certain amenities, and other interaction.
Life in the city is very fast-paced. You see tall buildings instead of trees and because cities are overcrowded with people and vehicles, it is a polluted place. Everything in the city is expensive; housing, food, utilities, and education.

What makes it better than being in the country is that the best hospitals are usually located in cities and you are exposed to the arts, better education, and entertainment when you live in the city.

Country is a term used for a sparsely populated settlement that is comprised of farmlands and rural districts. It is a place where there are only few business establishments, providing its inhabitants with only their basic needs.

Living in the country is more laid back; you get fresher air and food. People are also more open to each other and are more willing to help out their neighbors. It might not have all the amenities of the city but it offers you a chance to be with nature.

The country is a good place to live for people who are looking for the tranquility, peace and quiet they can’t get in the city. It does not offer the business or professional opportunities that the city does and deciding where to live depends upon one’s goals in life.

1. A city is a large settlement, while the country is less populated.
2. Life in the city is fast-paced, while life in the country is more laid back.
3. The city is polluted, while the country has fresher air and lesser waste.
4. Housing, food, and other needs are more expensive in the city, while you can grow your own food in the country and housing is cheaper.
5. The city offers more jobs and business opportunities than the country.

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