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Difference Between Fascism and Imperialism

fascismFascism vs Imperialism
Fascism is an ideology started in Italy. Fascism is a reactionary movement which is based on the rejection toward the social theories developed during the French Revolution in 1789. The social theories of French Revolution were hated by the fascists and the slogan of Fascism is ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’. Fascism highlights the myth of national or racial rebirth after a period of destruction. This ideology came into being for a ‘spiritual revolution’ against the moral decline like materialism and individualism. Fascism promotes mystical unity, regenerative power of violence, youth and masculinity. It also promoted racial superiority, imperialist expansion, genocide and ethnic persecution. Fascists viewed peace as weakness and aggression as strength. Authoritarian leadership is a characteristic of fascism to maintain power and greatness of the State.

Fascism supports open supremacy of males but some times it also promotes female solidarity as well as provided opportunities for women. As a system of integration and control fascism used mass organizations. To suppress the opposition, it used organized violence. Fascism is against the ideologies like liberalism, Marxism and conservatism even though it used the practices and concepts of all these three ideologies. One of the major characteristics of a fascist country is separation and rejecting equality to a specific group of the population based on some superficial qualities and beliefs. Based on the origin, creed or race, a fascist government always considered one class of citizens as superior to another. The superior class lives in a republic whereas the oppressed class lives in a fascist state.

Imperialism is the outcome of a hierarchical organization. Imperialism continues to exist even today. It is the domination of a society over another by both economically and politically. Today United States of America is considered as the imperialistic power along with some of the powerful European states like Britain. Imperialism is also associated with religious beliefs, political beliefs, thoughts etc and communism is a good example for such imperialism. In the ancient times, imperialism was predominantly seen in empires such as Roman Empire and Chinese Empire. The age of imperialism began in the late 19th century when European nations that are technologically advanced than any other nation started to overpower the continents of Africa, America and Asia.

In modern world, one of the common types of imperialism is the imperialism for natural resources such as oil. Gulf war and Iraq war are the examples of ‘oil imperialism’ where oil is exploited. United States got the supremacy over Gulf making it the third largest oil producer in the world and super power.

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  1. Facism is actually a very hard form of govermnet to define because there are only 3 good examples in history and they were all WWII era governments. As to your example of modern imperialism, that is soley based on opinion and not fact.


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