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Protestants and Catholics have several similarities and differences. Catholics church has a long history that has changed in many ways. Protestants are a group of people who protested against some of the wrong things preached by the Catholic Church in 1500’s. Protestants separated from Catholic Church and made their own church that follows their beliefs.

Altar is the central of the Catholic Church and the Christ’s sacrifice is considered to be renewed in the mass. Catholics accept Bible as the inspired Word of God but not as the final authority. Catholics believe that both Bible and the sacred tradition of Roman Catholics are equally important. Popes and councils are considered as equally authoritative. Pope is considered as the ‘Vicar of Christ’ and takes the place of Jesus as the visible head of the church. Catholics encouraged reading Bible as the time passed. In the past, Catholic Church discouraged personal study of Bible and was banned by the Church at one time. Only a few people were allowed to read Bible.

Many Catholics believe in saints and saints became an important part of their religion. Praying to saints and the holy Virgin Mary is vital to Catholics. Praying to saints, worshipping Virgin Mary and purgatory has no basis in the Scripture but have importance on Roman Catholic traditions. According to Catholicism, mere faith in Christ cannot save man. They preached that man has to depend on faith as well as meritorious work. Catholics believe that faith in God is just the beginning of salvation and then the individual should build it with good work. Catholics believes in purgatory which is a place for temporal punishment for those who have done sins.

Pulpit is the center of protestant churches and bible is held in a position where it can be read easily by the preacher. Protestants believe that Bible is the sole source of God’s special revelation to mankind. Most of the Protestants believe that they are not related to the tradition of Catholics but the fact is that the roots are from the time of the Jesus. Most of the theology of Protestants is also originated from catholic tradition. Protestants do not see Pope and do not approve the authority of Pope.

Protestants believe that Christ alone is the authority of the church. They believe that faith in Christ alone can save them from sins as their sins are paid off by the Christ on the cross. Bishoprics and clerical hierarchy is absent among many protestants. But some protestant traditions like Anglicans, Episcopalians and Lutherans have clerical hierarchies which are similar to the Catholics. Protestant do not believe in the idea of praying to saints. Protestants believe that faith in Christ will send them straight to heaven as Christ’s righteousness is imputed to the mankind.

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  1. “Catholics church has a long history that has changed in many ways.”

    Incorrect, the Nicene creed has not changed, while social policy changes in every chuirch, the foundation of faith has not.

    “Catholics accept Bible as the inspired Word of God but not as the final authority.”
    Wrong, the Bible teaches us to remember our traditions as well as the word of God. These blanket statements only go to show a lack of research by the author.

    “Pope is considered as the “Vicar of Christ” and takes the place of Jesus as the visible head of the church.”
    Half-correct, Pope doesn’t replace Christ, he simply leads the church the way he thinks Christ would until Christ’s return.

    “In the past, Catholic Church discouraged personal study of Bible and was banned by the Church at one time. Only a few people were allowed to read Bible.”
    Dead wrong, The catholic church preserved, copied and translated the Bible and kept it virtually free of error. Most Bibles were hand-written and were priceless. A complete Bible was hard to find before year 1440 when movable press was made. Even then, most people couldn’t read. Preaching used to be the only way to talk about the Bible, and the only reason the Bible was chained was to keep people from leaving with it and not returning.

    “Praying to saints, worshipping(sic) Virgin Mary and purgatory has no basis in the Scripture but have importance on Roman Catholic traditions.”
    Insulting, Catholics don’t worship Mary, we venerate her. We love her, because God chose her. She was the mother to the son of God.

    “..no basis in the Scripture but have importance on Roman Catholic traditions.”

    Contradiction, 2 Thess 3:6, 2 Thess 2:15.
    “And so brethren stand firm and hold to the traditionswhich you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.”
    Not everything on Christianity was written in the Bible.

    Try not to be so offensive and incorrect.

    • good job. i was mad when he said that we worship mary, absolutely ridicuolus.

    • If Mary and the saints are only “venerated”, then why do Catholics pray to them? I pray to that which I worship. I say a prayer for those I venerate not to them.

      • Prayer and worship are not the same thing. God alone is to be worshiped! Yet this God is God of the Living and not the Dead. Those who die in Christ now live with him. They continue to worship God and also to pray for us living Christians still on the journey to Heaven. Just as we can ask Christians on earth to pray for us, we can ask the christians in heaven to pray for us too. In fact, since they no longer need to pray for themselves (they are already in heaven) and already see clearly what we can only perceive through a dark glass, perhaps their prayer is even more efficacous then when they were sojourners on Earth. It seems to me that those christians wo object to praying to the saints underestimate the nature and extent of Christ’s victory over death, and have a too earthbound an understanding of the Church. The Church is the sum total of all the elect – past present and future – in Christ.

        • Well put Paul. Perhaps the problem is in the words: pray to. We are no more praying TO a saint or the Virgin Mary than we are praying to a friend we ask to pray for us. Reminds me of the old phrase, “I prithee” or ” I pray thee” before a request. Just polite phrases. All of us are asking for Intercession, not eliminating God as the grantor of prayer.

        • And God alone is to be prayed to, just as Jesus taught you, not saints, not Mary, not monkeys, God. It’s pretty obvious when you read the bible.

          Tell me please, what is the point of saints intercession when bible says “God knows what you need better than you do” and not to “pray for”. Praying to saints for help is nothing more than dismiss God’s knowledge, completely counter logic when you actually read the Bible, not just hear fragments from time to time in church.

          • Please do tell what verse of the Bible it says “God knows what you need better than you do”. We simply are asking them to pray for us or others. Just as you ask other people at your church to pray for you and others. Prayer requests? Prayer chains? Prayer groups? All doing the same thing. We are asking in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit. We ask them to pray for us, as they know better than us because they have experience on Earth. They have already made it, they have finished this fight against evil, but they are still our family and friends. I do not believe anyone is ‘dead’, but their body may be gone, but your body is not you as a person.

        • Where is the scripture that teaches us to pray to the dead. I have many that condemn it. And also how can a finite soul hear us to be able to pray for us. Next why do we need finite souls to pray when we are taught by scripture to only pray to an infinite God?

        • The author of this column is ill informed!! Catholics ask Saints & Mary to pray for us….just like we would ask a friend!
          Try it sometime…you might be surprised how God blesses you! Jesus loves his Mother!!!

      • Catholics do not place more emphasis on Mary, We honer her as the Mother of Christ. We believe in the Communionof Saints, which means we can ask those not only on earth to pray for us but also those whom have died and are in heaaven. We can ask Mary or other saints to pray for us, that we can atain eternal life. They are not useless in heave, all things work through God.

        How can some speak about Catholic whom have NO clue what they are talking about. How they “know” all but know nothing at the same time. I feel really sad for you and those and will ask the Blessed Mother to pray for you.

        • In the gospel of Luke, as Mary comes to Elizabeth, she says, in what Catholics call the Magnificat, that “All generations will call me blessed for the Lord has done great things for me.” that is why Chistians call Mary the Blessed Virgin Mary.

          As for depending on works for salvation, the Catholic Church teaches just what Ephesians 2 says, that we are saved by grace, the gift of God. As all our righteousness is as rags and we “are saved by grace and not by works, lest any should boast.” (book of James) But James also says that faith without works is dead and all Christians should realize, as does The Church, that if we do love our neighbor as ourself then we will be busy with works to help those in need. For many, those works may be confined mostly to prayer for others, as with housebound or those with little money to give, but these are also critically important in serving God and our neighbor.

    • I was brought up Catholic and I never remember a single catholic carrying a bible into church or bible school. I was NEVER encouraged to read the bible. In the early days of the Chruch people were not allowed to interpret the bible on their own and this is a fact. I am not putting Catholics down but facts are facts. Praying to a saint or Mary is not biblical period. There is nothing wrong with it but show me in scriptor where it says you should pray to a saint. The catholic church used to be as powerful as a kingdom. The church became corrupt because of man. So 30 some years ago it was a sin to eat meat on Fridays but all of the sudden it was no longer a sin. God’s sins were sins 2000 years ago and still sins today. I go by the word of God not a church. How can many things that used to be sins, some punishable by death, no longer sins today. That is because the catholic church makes things up. I would rather go by the bible which is consistsent than to go by a religion. I do not dislike the catholic chruch but it makes no sense to me.

      • interesting how intercessory prayer is explained (away?) here.
        never thought/imagined it in those/these terms.
        Yet…….show me where OT/NT it says praying for intercession from
        the (deceased, generally understood) “saints” is allowed/encouraged/
        spelled out/implied (etc, etc)???? For The Word, especially Jesus
        himself, should back this catho doctrine up methinks.

      • Dear Brother,

        Bible consistent , then why do have 33000 protestant religion have their own interpretation of the bible. Sunday is a sabbath day for catholics ….why do protestant celebrate sabbath day on sunday as it is not mentioned in the bibe.

        • Protestant’s go to church on Sunday only because the Catholic church perverted the sabbath, Saturday is the true sabbath, just like the Catholic church perverted the days of the week at one time people would say the first day of the week 2nd 3rd and so on, the Catholic cult changed it to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. Monday is the moon god Thursday is the god of Thor, they pervert all they touch just look at the little boys that they come into contact with. there the catholic is like the best pie you ever ate with some poop mixed in with it, it’s a cult with the pope the cult leader.

          • How exactly is it our fault people make shit up? The moon god? Really? Either that was an ancient religion or a foreign one, but it has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Also, look up the definition of perverted. Yes the Catholic Church sexualized every day of the week. For real.

    • Thank you for clearing up the glaring errors in this article. As I read through this website, I notice that all of the articles around Roman Catholicism are very anti-Catholic. It’s offensive.

  2. Thanks Aaron. I’ve been wrestling with this “difference” for a while now. Though I am protestant, I think I am drifting away from what I’ve come to know as the “lawlessness of liberty”. I think traditional ritual does play a large role in even our daily worship of God. I think I would more likely follow learned men and women who have devoted their lives to the study of Christ instead of a few of the self appointed hacks out there that could lead me straight to the Kool Aid stand. I do have serious questions – especially about pergutory (which went mysteriously unanswered) though I do understand the veneration of Mary and the Saints.

    • Hi Kennedy. So good you are seeking. The idea of Purgatory comes from the idea that we need to be purified, unless we are truly entirely holy, before we can Come into the presence of God. We cannot know that, of course, but the Church has long accepted that and it may be based on the scripture in the Book of Maccabees (1st or 2nd I forget which) where prayers are offered up for dead soldiers by the living. Those scriptures, the books, were removed, along with many others, when Luther formed the new Protestant bible. Seems he also wanted to eliminate Revelation (The Apocalypse it’s called in Catholic bibles) but got over-ruled, according go the sources I have read. God bless you.

  3. Thanks for responding, I used to be a non-denominational protestant myself. I had a hard time finding a church because there’s a lot of holy rollers in the southeast U.S. Catholicism offered an established set policy with historical, scriptural, and logical backing. Though I don’t agree with everything in the church, and certainly don’t approve of the way it had been run at times, it works for me.

    1 Corinthians 3, 2 Maccabees 12, speak a Biblical source to what many consider to be a purgatory. Granted, it gets drawn into this long labor of washing clean sin before Heaven, but it’s also been defined as what people have come to describe in those scriptures. Where sins are burned away for the cleaner soul., entry into heaven is gained. Time isn’t defined, only achievement to heaven.

    • I agree w/ Aaron. If u r gonna post differences you better know what they are first. This doesn’t say that this is a subjective site, you should be able to get facts not biased opinions. I say biased opinions because you portrayed the Catholic Church in an untruthful negative light. Also just a few more tid bits:

      Nowhere in Catholic church teaching does it say we pray to saints, because we don’t, we ask them for their prayers

      Protestants contradict themselves on one main thing in my eyes, they believe that scripture is the only source for truth but no where in scripture does it say that its the only source.

      Hence I feel Catholics are more justified believing in tradition and bible than the protestant mantra solo scriptural

      • I enjoyed these comments very much! I have found that many of these postings are worded from a Protestant point of view which doesn’t completely answer my questions.

        Having been raised protestant, I have been wanting to hear a more Catholic point of view, as I think many of the Catholic traditions are lovely, and have been wanting to find out where in scripture (or in history?) they come from.

        To answer the solo scritptura (sp?) thing, my understanding is that foundationally it comes from Revelation 22: 18-19, which talks about not adding or taking away from scripture. I agree that tradition is extremely important and, if founded in scripture, required. A heart surrendered to God because of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice is the main thing, and that is common between both, is it not?

        I don’t feel personally that the Pope or Mary, or saints are required to intercede for me because of Christ’s perfect work on the cross and intercession, but I also believe that it is up to God to judge each heart someday, and it is not up to me to judge those wanting to follow these traditions. God bless!

        • paganism is where the roman catholics get all their teaching, they mix the paganism of an area they conquer with what they have so the natives will accept it. “You can keep your idols, just follow me and we will accept you ”
          The Shelamagig was ans ancient celtic goddess, the catholics came to Ireland and started to convert the people to romanism, they were’nt able at first for the celts did not want to lose their idols, so the catholics said you can keep them, now the shelamagig is considered a catholic statue, this happened so long ago most have forgotten where it realy came from.

      • Jesus Christ is the only way to go heaven.For knowing deeply about lord Jesus we need to read bible daily.BIBLE is not just a book ,it is words of god who is existing now also, i am having a lot experience that, lord Jesus spoke to me through bible,he will show me which is righteous way and he guides me each and every day through bible.

        so,please don’ t hesitate to read the bible.according to bible mother MARY is not a way go to heaven or else she is not a god.please check with bible if you feel that, what i am telling is wrong.and also it is a sin that to worship MARY.

    • just a few thoughts on purgatory.

      Purgatory is just that a “purgation” or cleansing of the soul before entering heaven. There can be no sin in heaven because A) God cannot tolerate sin; and B) being in Heaven conscious of even the slightest sin would take away our full enjoyment of being in heaven. Its like a bride trying to fully enjoy her wedding when all the while there’s a stain in her otherwise immaculate wedding dress – all she can think of is that stain.

      The process of purgatory is also a process of becoming our true selves – the men and women God truly intended us to be. What is “burned away” is the junk that has attached itself to us, distorting to a small or great degree our perception of ourselves, God and others. Once these distorting elements are removed we can A) now and love fully our true selves; B) truly and fully love our neighbors as our selves; and C) see God as He is and love Him with all our purified heart, soul, mind and strength.

      • For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time 1 Timothy 2:5,6

  4. i really like this. it gives information that is really helping



  6. Aaron, Absolutely right and thanks for your explication and corrections! Who wrote this?? The researcher/writer sounds quite biased and yes, insulting, to Catholics. Very disappointing. It reflects many of the incorrect beliefs that religious bigots have about the Roman Catholic Church, does not mention the Eastern Catholic Church, and fails to note that there are over 100,000 (correct my figure if I’m understating it) Protestsnt denominations with many disagreements with each other. I was Protestant for 40 years and have been Catholic for 13 and am quite familiar with differences after much experience and study.

    • strange but when i read this mostly catholic blog, it comes off very defensive, with ratiionalizations galore for “traditions of men.” Not unlike the Hebrew justifications for their traditions that JESUS himself was contending to shed heavenly light (revelation) on during his
      earthly ministry of 3 years. Look to JESUS! what did He say about anything and everything?
      He is your key, your guide, your “way, truth, and the life….” PERIOD.

      Look at how He addressed Mary, several times in the bible. Hint: “woman, woman, mother,” is all i can recall. I suppose catholics will have an explanation/rationalization for this too no doubt. Yet, i believe He addressed her as such for He knew (knows) the future Roman movement into christianity (via constantine) and the mixture of paganism with judeo-christian
      tenets of “the faith.” He knew (saw) the atrocities and blasphemies coming down the road before Peter, Paul, or any other apostle would “see” and write about them in their letters.

      This is not any attack on Mary, nor any of the REAL saints that have given their lives for His
      cause. Just a reminder of WHO the REAL centerpiece of Heaven is. You wanna believe u can
      pray to deceased “beings” as u can also ask “live ones” here on earth for intercession? go right ahead, knock yerself out. To those who know better, it is sin. To those who know not, its not.

      Methinks that is what is meant by “God looks at the (your) heart.” He knows, what u know, what u rejected, and why. Let HIM be the judge; not you, not me. I do believe God has many
      lovers/followers/believers all over the denominational world, in spite of doctrinal “errors.”

      IF it makes you feel better, i am aware of many errors that all doctrines seem to abound in, or share. No one denom has it right or perfect…..that is unless we are talking about perfection on earth Himself………JESUS! When u or i stray (too far) from Jesus, that is Where We go wrong.

      And because of doctrinal differences (albeit, some grievious and in need of correction) We, the
      body of Christ are operating in a weakened state (degree depends on yer perception/perspective….) compared to what We would be if unified by our Masters “call”, for
      Jesus is the Head, not the tail of the body of Christ, and knows the whole truth of a matter, any matter. Amen & Amen.

  7. This article is one huge offensive joke!

  8. If the Catholic Church can become corrupt (I’m not saying I agree) without its members noticing, what makes you think that your own church hasn’t become corrupt without you yourself noticing? This is a real question and not meant as a rhetorical one.

  9. Who wrote this cliff notes retread of catholic stereotypes? “wrong things preached by catholicism in the 1500’s”? I’m not whining about unfair catho-bashing, but a slanted rendering of opinionated, dated info about a subject i grew up in. This makes me doubt everything i just read on your site about sunni/shiite and halal/kosher.

    Nice job, your site is crap now.

  10. Hello All,
    Firstly, not all denominations of the so-called protestants were part of the reformation. There were different sects of so-called christians from an early time. Most of these were due to an apostate who lead people into false doctrine, that being said, that is actually how Roman Catholicism started as-well. By false doctrine performed and taught by a pagan ruler of rome. But from the beginning of the Lord’s earthly ministry, there has always been a remnant who did not bow their knees to baal. The Lord kept a people unto himself, and this church will remain until the end. I could argue who are the real Christians until the cows come home. But for the most part people are illiterate and unknowing about the true history of the church or the meaning of the very word of God. So to argue any point would be a waste of time. But I will say this, God has one mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus, this is what the Bible says, the Roman Catholic church continues to contradict the very teaching of the Lord who they claim is their God. How can they be right when they are so far away from what the Bible teaches. They claim the pope is the vicar of God, this means they are calling him the Christ of God, there is only one Christ and His name is Jesus the Christ. Come on face it, get yourself to a sovereign grace church (not a reformed protestant church) go to a real traditional, historical Baptist church that still believes that salvation is of the Lord and not man and mans will. God is the author and finisher of our faith. God seeks and saves us, we do not have any works that can help us get to God. It is solely by the Lord’s will and time when a sinner is saved, and this by the preaching of the gospel which the Holy Ghost uses to quicken the heart and bring us to know our sin and our saviour. Get under sound preaching and I promise you, you will be glad you did.

    • Dear Pastor,

      Get us facts right before writing. your article mostly uses a very selfish word ” I ” and this is one of the prime reason that christianity has been divided. if the church is the body of christ according to bible then why do we do have 33000 protestant churches… and numbers still increasing. and mind u , these protestant church have been founded by mere men who like the bible to be intepreted to their own selfish thinking.

  11. I have a question…. As someone stated before, Jesus calls Mary in the bible either woman or mother. So why do Catholics call Mary mother of god while some call her mother of son of god (this one is more understandable) ? I think she is no mother of god, since in the bible it says god has sent his only son to earth to cleanse our sins. And therefore Mary is just a mother of Jesus and NOT a mother of god. God created Mary and she is human so I think it’s wrong to say she is a mother of god. Also another question is I been to a catholic church 2 times before because of a friend who wanted to convert me. One thing I did find fault was that there idols of Mary almost everywhere and even a room to pray to a statue of Mary. Also another is why do people believe in pope? He is chosen by election between those higher up catholics. I see it political election for more power between people. And in the bible it talks about many fake prophets pretending to be chosen by god. Isn’t pope doing the same thing ? When he speaks he say “we” but is god really talking through him? A man chosen by a man. If you also look at histories of pope, some were just pure evil, tyrant, money and power hungry. Such examples are the Borgias, Leo X, Sintus IX and more. Historically, popes just killed people, bribed, and did many more cruel things to get the so called godly “Pope” position. Also the way pope lives is no way from being humble at all. Those church people have a lot of money, wealth, makes church very extravagant, dress fancy. If you look at the bible, Jesus wore raggy clothing and did not want any wealth.” Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” (Mat 19:16). “Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (v. 21).

    Of course there are faults with Protestants but I find more faults in the way of catholics. But I really want to know why it seems like people worship the pope as if he is a god. If he truly is a prophet he wouldn’t be living such luxury. And I hear one side and another side of Mary. Some people say we don’t worship her but ask for her prayers and that sounds ok but for people who say mother of god and idolize her with figurines and worship her is just wrong.

    • You ask some excellent questions. First, Mary as Mother of God. It is absolutely true that Mary is a human being and only a human being. Her son is Jesus, who is both human and divine. Jesus has a divine nature from God the Father, and has a human nature from Mary his mother. Jesus was always God, but was not always human. He became human when he was incarnate in the womb of Mary. So Jesus is one person who has two natures: human and divine. The nature that Mary gave Jesus was a human nature, but the Person she gave birth to was God the Son. More simply: Jesus is God. Mary is his mother. Therefore, Mary is the mother of God.

      Catholic Christians believe that Departed Christians are not really dead. Their souls are alive with God right now. As good, loving people they are still concerned about us who are still “fighting the good fight of faith” and so they pray for us, and we believe we can ask for their prayers. Read in the Gospels how Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus on the mountain and conversed with him. Moses had died many centuries earlier but there he is talking to Jesus, and since prayer is basically talking to God, well, there you have it. A departed saint praying to God.

      Now onto the Pope. We Catholics believe that Jesus chose 12 men to be the first ordained leaders of the Church, and that one of them had a special job as rock and key-holder of the kingdom. That was Peter. As the church grew the apostles ordained other men to be local leaders of individual churches, and when Peter died in Rome around AD 67 the ordained leaders of the Church at Rome became the new key-holders. They have a special job to do in the Church. Have there been bad popes? Of course, just as there have been bad priests, ministers, doctors, lawyers, parents, presidents and kings. But there have been good popes too, as well as mediocre ones. The personal sinfulness of a man does not mean the office he holds is bad, just as having a sinful president means the presidency is bad. Further, Catholics do not worship the pope. The pope is not God, but the pope is honored because God has given him a special and very difficult job to do in the church. Do popes always do their jobs well or perfectly? No. Do they sometimes use their office for their own selfish purposes? Yes. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Petrine Office as we call it was established by Jesus for the good of the church. The pope is a servant, a servant of God, and a servant to all the People of God. The pope is the servant of the servants of God. The good popes have tried to live this out, the bad popes chose not to.

      • u seem apologetically moderate enuff re: yer catholisim Paul….
        pun intended, well….yes & no. ; )

        as u explain things, most reasonable folk would accept/swallow what it
        is u are saying/putting forth but, for the wrong reasons. You see Paul, u have a way/gift with words and that gets u by with many/most folk?

        Not that u aren’t entitled to yer opinion, Paul…for of course u are.

        It’s just that u seem to be missing the p.o.v. of others due to lack of
        articulation (on our parts?); or of your own comprehension; or of your focus on yer own agenda/bias’/whathaveyou’s.

        The main concern with catholisism is the same one shared with all religions, sects, congregations, individuals, etc. And that is, the lack of emphasis on Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, as our only Lord & saviour, Son of God, Father/Friend/Final authority on any & all issues be they fleshly or spiritual in nature.
        You see Paul, no matter how u slice it, I only see Jesus
        as the answer to any situation when you really get down to any blessing/trial from A – Z. I hope i dont have to quote scriptures to make/get my pt across on this, as i know there are seemingly paradoxical scriptures galore to combat/contrast one another with.

        If we do not rely on Holy Spirit (H>S>) power to teach us the will of GOD
        (be it our eternal ABBA or his Beni, Jesus) but instead, look to a vicar/pope to guide/lead us on any matter, great or small, then…..
        methinks we set ourselves up for INEVITABLE failures/heartbreaks/wrong turns/u name it, as well as inadvertently(?) DISRESPECT our Faithful & True Shepherd, Yeshua, whom catholics claim set up the original church with Peter as first vicar/pople/leader/(whatever).

        I believe if u really wanna know what Jesus meant by renaming Simon, Petra (greek) then u will have to study more, pray more, fast more, or whatever H>S> calls u to do, to get a more clearer, definitive answer on its true meaning, as pertains to yer catholisism. For u see Paul, there usually isnt just one answer, as H>S> can take u deep on any ONE scripture alone (has been my & others experience), to show many levels of truth/clarity as pertaining what Jesus meant in anything He said.

        I’ll merely pt out that one of those levels of truth in re: to the word/name
        Petra pertained more to His confession, than the man himself, on which the church was to be built. (there are other levels but that is for another time & place/discussion, perhaps)

        Yet, i realize there is soooo much more to learn & grow in, in “the way of the Lord,” than first meets the eye so i dont pretend there is only one revelation or understanding that i “own”, by any means.

        Read/pray, and see what u get; come back here n post, pls do, o’ do oh do!


  13. Catholicism is a cult and “The Whre of Babylon” that the Bible speaks of. Catholicism is no better of a cult than Islam is. Both take you straight to hell upon death on this Earth.


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