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naziFascism vs Nazism

Nazism is considered to be one form of fascism. Though both Nazism and fascism reject the ideologies of liberalism, Marxism and democracy, these two are different in many aspects. It is hard to make a perfect differentiation between the two.

Nazism and Fascism have their origin in the 20th century. While fascism was in vogue between 1919 and 1945, Nazism became popular from 1933 to 1945.

Fascism is a term that was originally referred to the fascists of Italy under Mussolini. Nazism on the other hand, referred as National Socialism, is in an ideological concept of the Nazi Party or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Adolf Hitler.

Fascism believes in the ‘corporatism’ of all elements in society to form an ‘Organic State’. They were not racial and had no strong opinion of any race. For Fascists, the state was the most important element. The Doctrine of Fascism, which is the authoritative document of the fascism, emphasis on nationalism, corporatism, totalitarianism and militarism. According to this Doctrine the State is all embracing and no human or spiritual value exists beyond it.

But Nazism emphasised on racism. While fascism considered state as important, Nazism considered ‘Aryanism’ as more important. The Nazism doctrine believed in the superiority of the Aryan race.

While fascism was based on certain political ideology, Nazism was blindly based on racial hatred.

Nazism considered class based society as enemy and stood for unifying the racial element. But fascism wanted to preserve the class system. The fascists almost accepted the concept of social mobility, while Nazism was against it.

Nazism considered state as a means for the advancement of the master race. But fascism considered state to be a form of nationalism. Fascists considered nationalism as something related to national culture as opposed to other cultures.

Coming to the etymology, fascist comes from fascio, an Italiam word, meaning a union of bundle. Nazi comes from the first two syllables of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which is the German language name of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

1.Fascism is a term that was originally referred to the fascists of Italy under Mussolini. Nazism on the other hand, referred as National Socialism, is in an ideological concept of the Nazi Party.
2.For Fascists, the state was the most important element. But Nazism emphasised on racism.
3.While fascism considered state as important, Nazism considered ‘Aryanism’ as more important.

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  1. This is a great article! I don’t teach universal history, but sometimes students ask for help and I always want to be able to do it! Thank you!

    • The above article on National Socialism (Nazism) is incorrect and biased. Nazism was NOT a racial philosophy,nor was Nazi Germany a racial state. It was a (political) NATIONAL SOCIALIST state. In his “Second Book”,written after “Mein Kampf”,Adolf Hitler described himself as a “Nationalist” and a “Socialist”. In his 1941 New Year’s Speech,Hitler said (about World War 2),”This conflict has arisen because two nations in Europe—-Italy and Germany—are challenging the world system,which is dominated by the United States and England,and the wealth interests who control those two countries.” You see? The REAL enemy of Nazism was CAPITALISM,not other races. In fact,towards the end of the war,Hitler had many different races fighting for him,in his “SS”; Norwegians,Arabs and other Moslems,Danish,Russians,Ukranians,Slavs,Indians…even Tibetans! So no,Nazism was not aboput race.

      • Everyone mind the moron who cites Hitler as his main source. If it hadn’t been for those Capitalist countries, Racial destruction in Europe would have continued on as a REALITY of the Third -fucking- Reich. Clearly, you don’t understand Nazi Genetics either; are you even aware of what the Aryan Race is? The Aryan People were an ancient warrior tribe that moved from European areas and into the land of India, the German Nazis claiming they were the purest form of this blood line. By reasonable inference we can understand why the the SS opened it’s ranks to non Nordic races, especially when the war against the Soviets turned against them. Now, in regards to Slavic units: Just because they were allowed to fight for Germany doesn’t mean they weren’t considered inferior troops; The fact of the matter is, the SS needed men who knew the country side and knew where to find Jews. Plain and simple, had Germany won the war, these SS units wouldhave been purged and dumped in nameless graves like the Jews they killed (No different then the extermination of the SA – Hilters main men in the 30′s).
        Finally, you can’t ignore the fact that the SS, regardless of who was in it, was declared a criminal organization for the relentless slaughter of POW’s and Jews. As if Hitler claiming the Capitalist powers were bullying him excuses the Schutzstaffel of all the dead, the many suffering to this day of PTSD, and of course, the Holocaust.

        Tl:dr – You stupid, ignorant Nazi puke learn the history before you pretend all the wrongs are right.

        • You should learn history too. Actually, if it hadn’t been for Soviet Union, Racial destruction in Europe would have continued on as a REALITY of the Third -fucking- Reich. 72 % of the German military forces operated on the eastern front. The western front was just an annoying distraction for the Germans.

          • You should read history outside the scope of the larger powers. If Operation Barb. had been even weeks earlier than when it actually occurred, Germany may have won the war right then and there. I recommend you take some time out of your busy day to read about the invasion of Greece which (though a German victory) led to German struggles in North Africa and a delayed start time for the invasion of the Soviet Union and their defeat to Russia’s winter.
            Even if Russia hadn’t been invaded do you serious question that the the might of the industrial United States couldn’t have beaten Germany? My friend, if Germany had still been in the war by the time the Atomic bomb was developed I can assure you Germany would still be tasting radiation like Japan is. I’m not saying that’s moral or just, but the truth stands that when her industrial might is focused in for military venture, you better not fuck with large country that is the US.

        • Woah woah woah, simmer down sparky. If Germany had won against Russia till the end of 1941 they would have had all the resources needed to finish their own nuclear project ( German advantage in nuclear project was lost just at the end of 1942). If we put in the equation the good ally the Germans had in Japan the outcome of WW2 is clear. If Russia hadn’t been invaded at all the all German military forces would’ve been deployed on the western front. Guess who would have been the first victim of German war machine. Germany may have won the war well before 1945 when the atomic bomb was developed or even come first in the nuclear competition.

      • My feelings EXACTLY. RACISM was but ONE aspect of nazism. It DIDnt become encompassing until the war was almost lost. Simply stating that it is all about racism is avast simplification…..and gives this article a feeling of prejudice.

        • The op states facts, the rest call names. Who BETTER to describe naxism than it’s founder? He didn’t attempt to whit wash anything in MC, HE WROTE WHAT HE BELIEVED. He nay have been wrong, he may have been fueled with hatred and contempt, but HE FORMULIZED NAZISM,and he NEVER attempted to hide what he believed. Why is it so hard to look at hitler honestly?

  2. Is it just me or did everybody notice that the second and third points are essentially the same?


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