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There are many names given to the preachers of the faith. Across many specific religions, the roles and titles of these people may somehow vary. So many people become confused with the terms: priest, reverend, pastor, and minister. It is probably the pastor and the minister that have the most confusing distinction.

In the Bible, it is clearly defined that a pastor is a person holding an office. He must meet a certain criteria or qualification in order for him to become one. In the book of Titus and 1st Timothy, a pastor is described chiefly as an elder. The term itself is derived from the Greek word “poimain,” which literally means “shepherd.” In the first chapter of Titus, pastors must be appointed in every city or district. As such, they must act as the area’s overseers. Paul’s conversation to a group of elders is also stated in the book of Acts with him exclaiming to the group that they have been regarded as the overseers who’ll shepherd God’s church. This clearly shows that a pastor is an elder.

Furthermore, Titus 1:5-9 also highlights the other important qualifications of a pastor. First, he must be a man above reproach. Second, he must be wed to only one wife. Third, he must possess the following qualities: prudent, temperate, hospitable, respectable, knows how to teach, not a wine addict, non-aggressive, peace loving, gentle, and not easily enslaved by the passion of money. Fourth, he should be the father of his very own household. Lastly, he shouldn’t be a newly converted individual and must bear irrefutable respect from people outside the church.

In the Roman Catholic sense, the pastor is the priest of a certain parish (one single church community) unlike in the Protestant sense wherein it is more of a job title offered to someone who is able to work as the religious head. In addition, ministers are generally found in the Protestant setup. To become one, this person should have been officially ordained. He can be an ordained minister but is not immediately assumed to perform the duties of a pastor whereas a pastor is already assumed to be able to perform the duties of a minister. When you become ordained as a minister, it means that you have been duly acknowledged as a trusted, religious figure or authority.


1.The term “pastor” means an “elder, overseer or shepherd.”
2.The pastor of the Roman Catholic Church is the priest of the parish.
3.The pastor of the Protestant Church is the religious leader. It’s more of a job position or title.
4.The term “minister” means “preacher.” All pastors can perform the duties of a minister, but not all ministers can act as pastors.

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  1. My pastor is a woman. Why is everything in this difference between… state everything in the masculine (he/him)??

    • Because men are , according to the Bible,over woman.According to the Bible a woman is not supposed to be a pastor.

    • Ok.I understand about what the scriptures state.What i dont understand is if thats true.Then why when i was pocessed by Baal Peor and a sex demon and was embarrassed to inform the catholic church.Why was it when i asked God and prayed with all faith and used the scripture ask seek knock the door shall be open onto you everyday and God, the man that died on the cross for my sins to be forgiven was repeated over and over as i was touched by the holy spirit and it said to take my blessed rosary and say thos to it or that?Im a woman and was saved and i strongly belive that my lord and savior saved me.Im also catholic.So when you say woman cant be pastors and refer too scriptures which is true.Why did he work through me and saved me.Like you said gender dosent matter.Thats right.I was saved by doing what the holy spirit said….

    • Ok.I understand about what the scriptures state.What i dont understand is if thats true.Then why when i was pocessed by Baal Peor and a sex demon and was embarrassed to inform the catholic church.Why was it when i asked God and prayed with all faith and used the scripture ask seek knock the door shall be open onto you everyday and God, the man that died on the cross for my sins to be forgiven was repeated over and over as i was touched by the holy spirit and it said to take my blessed rosary and say this to it or that?Im a woman and was saved and i strongly belive that my lord and savior saved me.Im also catholic.So when you say woman cant be pastors and refer too scriptures which is true.Why did he work through me and saved me.Like you said gender dosent matter.Thats right.I was saved by doing what the holy spirit said….

  2. “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” – 1 Timothy 2:12

    • God deals with the spirit, not the gender, He will use whomever is willing, even a rock, so long as the vessel will submit themselves to Him for the Master’s use.

      • Well, that’s false. Despite there are no female preachers within a church setting throughout the bible, you would have to show proof to validate your view.
        It’s non existent because I’m sure you and I read from the same scripture so you have nothing to show other than scriptures that you flipped to make it comfortable for you. Plus you have people who listen to you so they’re not tell you your incorrect due to false teaching so you see fit to continue falsely holding a position you shouldn’t.

        God doesn’t contradict. Every person is equal in salvation. But it is wrong to extend this to say that equality extends to all roles assigned by God to men and women.

        • Samuel, all scriptures are not in the bible. The bible was made by man, and they picked what went in and what didn’t make it. God is with in all of us. Jesus was sent down and he had Mary Magdalene in his life. Those scriptures are not given to us. As a man of God, I believe we are all equal. Man, woman, black, red, yellow, white, ect… God is within us all, so, if our hearts are pure and our intentions are to help. God doesn’t care what form you are. Sorry but only reading a bible and not allowing the gift of “free will” is in no way what God wants.. Think about it why would he give us that one gift, to be controlled by a church?? You should be guided by his spirit! Its in all of us!! What’s right for you is not necessarily right for me.
          God bless
          Minister Jon Betlejewski

          • Wow, what in the world are you talking about? You went on a big rant about nothing pertaining to my comment about a woman being a preacher. You just spoke about how you felt about God operates the way you see it.

            First off you say the Bible was made by man…You are correct since there isn’t a book in existence not written by man.

            Secondly, so-called lost scriptures, text, or the Apocrypha are majority false writings or has not been or never was inspired by God.

            Thirdly, who said that my knowledge only comes from the Bible and that’s the ONLY book I read? For you to be a minister and for you to make a bad judgment call like that, you need to correct yourself a bit. It will be impossible for you to know my knowledge through only one comment I’ve posted. Free Will is an open door for choice which obviously leads to wrong and bad choices. Scriptures talks about those falsely teaching. You should understand that being a child of God we all should be under one accord but you have the audacity to say to me that “what’s right for you isn’t right for me”…how?.

            If you feel as if a woman can preach in the church despite the scripture states a woman should be silent in the church along with other verses that state that same submissiveness, you sir are confused. Woman has never had authority over man. There has never been a woman who preached in a church.

            You talk about Mary Madeline….thats it? You don’t say nothing about Mary his mother, the 12 apostles, brothers and sisters that are in his life but just Mary Madeline…interesting.

            Race doesn’t play a factor so I don’t know why you named colors. But as far as sex, there are different roles that we play between man and woman. Unless you can prove otherwise which you can’t, your reply Is pointless

          • @Samuel- God never would have wanted us to argue over something so pointless either. So with that said God Bless You Samuel may Christ be with you while you serve the Lord.

          • Disobeying God for your own agenda is not a pointless argument. People who state that don’t see the issue. People do what they want because they do it “in the name of God”… how can there be a problem with that right? Why would God have an issue with me doing something in the name of Him? God told you how he wants things done. If you deliberately disobeyed and do what you want, that’s a problem.

          • Sorry for the late reply. I never got notification that I got a reply from you.

            At the end of the day, if you’ve read the Bible thoroughly then you know what it says. What you said is true, arguing over something that’s pointless doesn’t do anything. But at the same time you are accountable for how you represent God and as a Christian I refuse to watch people represent God in the wrong way. If it was I making that mistake, I would want someone to correct me to. It’s not the point that you’re doing something good based on what you see. It’s the fact and question of “what did God say do?”

            People have an issue with being corrected, that’s ego and pride. There is not one woman who God appointed to run his church and teach and lead over man. Woman was created to help man, not the other way around. Man was placed in authority. Women are submissive to lead by men by God’s authority. Man is head on woman. I can keep going but people need to quit creating and adding to the word because they think it’s a good idea. One Trend starts and everyone follows. That’s not what the Bible said do.

          • Hello sir, since a woman is not allowed to preach in public, is she allowed to 1)))sing in the quoir
            2)))is she allowed to prophecy?

          • You spoke to my soul. I’m just now awakening to a whole another truth.

          • You spoke to my soul. I’m just now awakening to a whole another truth.

        • They do have female preachers/ evangelists in the bible. But they have female pastors.

      • “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” – 1 Timothy 2:12

        Read the quote again, retard, and tell me which part of it was unclear to you.

        I feel like this level of stupidity and irrational emotionalism is EXACTLY why women were not allowed in leadership positions in the first place.

      • Not so, there is a rank of order. God created man first. Not that women aren’t intelligent. The word clearly ranks the woman under man. our bent because of sin is to usurp authority over man. I’m a strong woman of God, I don’t feel less or threatened by this.

      • A very smart remark. It is so strange to me how we determine for God who and what He uses. He used a cock to crow, an ass to speak and can’t use a women to pastor. If that be the case why offer salvation at all to the woman if she is that unworthy. She can raise a male child from infancy but not lead him spiritually. Sounds like a double standard to me. If the woman can’t pastor, then the man needs to raise the children.

  3. There are women who preach in churches,
    The Church of God down the street from where I lived had a woman preacher.
    Jesus never discriminated anyone. He healed, loved, and gathered his flock which included Everyone.
    When I read the New Testiment I always pay close attention to the words of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    Do you know the story when Jesus was sharing the Word with a group and the woman were cooking. The sister of one of those cooking sat with the men. The sister got angry and said to Jesus, Why is my sister allowed to sit with the men, it is against the law and she should get up and cook with the rest of us women.
    Jesus said, do not rebuke her for wanting to learn about the Gospel. Learning about my Father is more important than food. She and anyone is welcome to sit with me and learn.
    Who is was it that Jesus first appeared to after His resurrection. It was Mary Of Magdella who was his constant companion.
    There were woman that held prayer circles in their homes. One was Pricilla.
    Also, when we die and get reurected we will be in spirit form with no sexes.
    I see so much rilvery in the different dominations each claiming they are right and everyone else is wrong. Jesus had two commandments:
    1. Love God with all your heart and soul.
    2. Love Each other as you love yourselves.
    I don’t see that in the churches of today.
    There was only on church in the time when Jesus walked this earth.
    May God bless us all, thru Jesus Christ I pray.

    • Here’s the thing. I don’t expect for anyone to listen to me. I’m pretty sure you have someone who you are very comfortable at listening to and believing the words that they give you to be true. That’s typically how people are. Problem is you can easily go and read for yourself to see where the lies exist within man. At the end of the day how you feel and what you personally see fit doesn’t match with the truth, sorry.

      First off many churches are doing things that they should not be doing. That does not make it correct. Just because there is a church down the street from where you live that has a woman preacher does not make them correct. They are still functioning incorrectly just on that factor alone.

      It’s hard for me to believe that you pay close attention to words based on what you have said. You talk about the woman who sat down with men during learning the gospel. Let me be more precise with this argument. You are talking about Luke 10. Specifically about Martha and she was upset with Mary for not helping her serve while she was sitting at Jesus feet listening to the gospel.
      To correct you, Martha was never upset because a woman sat with man and was disobeying the law. Jesus never stated anything about “learning about my Father is more important than food.”
      You have twisted and added words to the scripture which I don’t understand why you did that. Im sure it is to protect your own flawed understanding. It sounds good to your ears, but it’s false. You can go back and read any version, you are incorrect. Mary seeing Jesus first after Resurrection has nothing to do with women teaching man. That was an irrelevant statement

      You bring up Priscilla. Priscilla never did anything by herself by the way. She was with her husband and helped her husband teach in private. Again a private setting is not in the church which is what I’ve been talking about this entire post.
      Again it’s hard for me to believe that you read thoroughly when you have deliberately skipped over women learn in Silence with all submission and do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over man, have any questions go ask your husband (1 tim 2:11-14, 1 Corinth 14:34,35, Titus 2:5)… I can keep going. People contradict God and make excuses. I’m sure the woman who preaches up the street from your house couldn’t have skipped over those scriptures. She found something that she thought was comfortable and those around her don’t have a problem with it which again is the problem

      The problem is man wants to do with man wants to do. There is one God, one word, and over 41,000 different denominations, that’s crazy. There’s no problem with pointing out the issues which is what we are to do as Christians. We test the spirit because there are many teaching falsely (1 John 4). If you have an issue with being corrected, then that’s your problem. I don’t follow denominationalism nor did God. He doesn’t not like division.

      Again, I don’t expect for you to listen. People always find false loop holes that never add up and they follow it anyway. I hope that you go study and realize the truth.

    • I believe and know Gods word never changes, we can agree to disagree as Christian, I believe due the world evolving and different denominational churchs growing since time interpretation has been a issue,I personally believe a devoted Christian apologetic is needed here, for proper understanding of God’s intent from beginning, we as Christians are all required to minister and be disciples of Christ, no matter what our gender, although with that being said the our God definitely did create us as different creatures and different roles due to our gender, this is factual and there is no denial of this. The topic is more of leadership within the local church that the lord has established and the different roles not just as marriages but also in society, but we cannot lose sight of the big picture, and this I communicate with love, compassion and understanding, our feelings about this topic should not be included in our dialog. In final conclusion this is a interpretation problem which has evolved to long due to different congregations, but leadership roles are very defined and clear if we understand the clear interpretation of Gods Devine word, which never changes, the world and society may change, but we must be cautious. In all of this I pray in Jesus’s precious name. Amen

    • Name one woman in the Bible who preached in the church over man?

      This has nothing to do with discrimination. One thing that people do is that they bring “discrimination” or “chauvinism” as if it matters. Discrimination has nothing to do with this entire situation. If the church evolves then you would have to show scripture to where evolving has came into place or is suppose to happen. You would then have to show me where God’s word has changed to fit yours or anyone else’s criteria. God clearly states not to add nor taketh away, (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

      Denominationalism shouldn’t exist in the first place (1 Corinthians 1:10) because man has decided to do the right now over 41,000 different denominations built off of one word. That’s sad.
      I’m sorry if I’m direct, but it’s the truth. This is love that I’m speaking. It’s not going to be cuddly and warm, but direct and truthful because that’s what love should bring.
      You brought up Priscilla which I’m glad that you did. I hope that you notice that she never did anything without her husband who she was helping. She never did anything by herself. She never lead anyone. She never taught over man.

      You can easily read the scriptures and see the truth. You and other people can’t sit here and talk for God against what he has said. People use love as an excuse to do anything they want based on how they see fit. Love does not mean “I’m going to do whatever I want in the name of God because it’s good.” You honor his word and show commitment and you do what he says. Woman has no authority over man. Woman does not lead man. Man is head over woman. Women learn in submissiveness and wives are submissive to their husbands (1 Corinthians 11:2-3, 1 Timothy 2:11-12, 1 Peter 3:4-6).

      This again is not discrimination, superiority, Etc. It’s about order and respect to what God Says. People choose to ignore what the Bible says purposely just to do what they want. That is your choice.

  4. I believe you Samuel and understand but maybe we should be more receptive and have peace in our hearts, I understand the proper interpretation of different roles and leadership with in the guidelines that God had established and thus also our covenant with Christ as he came into this world to be our savior and sacrificial lamb for all of our sinful nature, and this includes everyone no matter what their title or leadership position is Any where with in the world or our local church’s. I would suggest we took this to the CRI Christian Research Institute the mans name a reknown Apologetic is Ted Hanagraff he is the real deal, and corrected and assisted many in the world in biblical interpretation and Theology including Pasters elders, priests, ministers, rabbi’s lol, all leadership that want to claim there is only one Devine God, regardless of the Trinity that as Christians we all should understand how important this is. Again praise the lord Jesus Christ, and wevan give it all to him, and let us bring more of society to him, by sharing the gospel and allowing his inspired word to work through people, we need this more than ever now.

    • The way that I speak isn’t out of aggressiveness. I’m sorry if I came off that way. There is peace in my heart but I’m just speaking the truth. Simply put, do what God says do. It’s really simple to pick up a book, read it for yourself, and learn. People are swayed by man’s decisions without even knowing the truth. They run with it because it seems and sounds like a good idea. 2 Timothy 4 and Roman 16 all talk about those who twist scripture and preach false doctorine. It talks about how this going to come which people are doing today. Talks about the division among us due to these problems. But people think that everything that looks and sounds good it’s gold, that’s not the case. ” oh, it’s in the name of God so it’s fine”…no, it’s not.

      I know many apologist. Is really simple again to understand text. There is a difference between comprehension and interpretation. Though both words are synonymous, they both differ. Interpretation is not the case here, is clearly comprehension.

      Like I said earlier on her comment I replied to. It’s all love. If I was making a mistake, I would want to know what I’ve done wrong. I would hope anyone would feel the same way.

      • I know my comment is late, but Samuel I completely understand what you are saying. My pastor has taught me the same thing about women preaching. I also know about receiving the wrong teaching and being held accountable when God comes. You will always find people that will disagree, but thank you for spreading the word and scriptures.

        I was taught that a woman can only go so far in the bible which makes sense why some consider themselves ministers and not pastors which is the accurate title.

        I bet some would even argue that there are people in heaven with God right now when they’re actually all sleeping until the rapture takes place.

        God Bless

      • As soon as you speak truth people think it’s aggressiveness. We can’t change what God has put in place.

  5. Sorry everyone for all typos in my phone and run on sentences, we won’t have these issues in heaven which the lord our god has prepared a place for all that have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. Everyone have a blessed day

  6. Love you all, and let’s hsve peace and joy in our hearts

  7. By the way the Bible is the Inspired word of God and the books and such and authors where chosen by God to do his work, let’s get that corrected lol

  8. In other words the spirit of the lord cannot work through us properly if we do not have a full comprehension and Interpretation of his word. Amen

  9. Bless you all the reason why we can not get it right with God it’s as a result of compromise you can not compromise with what is wrong to be right women in general terms are not permitted to teach thank you and God bless us all

  10. In Joel 2:28 what did he say? I know women is not the head of men. God made us all in his image, so we all have his spirt in us,I do beleive thatGod poured his spirt out on all flesh. Back in Timothy it said but I suffer not a Women to teach, nor to upsurpathourity over the man, but to be in silence 1 Timothy 2 :12

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