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Difference Between TATA Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT and Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT

TATA Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT vs Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT

The Safari DiCOR 2.2 VTT and the Scorpio VLX AT are two SUVs from Indian auto makers TATA and Mahindra. They both have 2.2 liter diesel engines for ample amounts of hauling power. The main difference between the Safari and the Scorpio is the overall power they can produce. Despite having engines with identical displacements, the Safari is able to create more power and torque than the Scorpio. The former is able to produce 140 brake horsepower at 4,000 rpm while the Scorpio is only able to produce 120 brake horsepower at the same rpm level. The same is repeated when it comes to torque as the Safari cranks out 320Nm at 1700-2700 rpm while the Scorpio only manages 290Nm at a slightly higher range of 1800-2800 rpm.

Although the Safari is more powerful than the Scorpio, the latter is able to compensate due to its lower gross weight. The 2WD version of the Safari is heavier by about 140Kg while the 4WD version is heavier by about 170Kg. The difference in weight is detrimental for the Safari as the Scorpio is able to beat the Safari’s 0-60 time by 1.1 seconds.

The main advantage of the Scorpio is driving comfort due to its 6-speed automatic transmission. Compared to the Safari’s 5-speed manual transmission, the Scorpio is a lot easier to drive since you do not have to keep changing gears which is very often when driving in moderate traffic.

Nowadays, fuel is one major discussion point when purchasing a vehicle because of the rising fuel costs caused by unrest in the oil-producing countries. In this regard, the Scorpio is also the winner; partly contributing by its lower weight. It is able to achieve 13.2 kilometers per liter to the Safari’s 11.5 kilometers per liter. When it comes to how much fuel each vehicle can carry, the Safari has the slightly bigger gas tank which holds five liters more. The Safari has a 65-liter gas tank while the Scorpio only has a 60-liter gas tank.


1.The Safari has more power and torque than the Scorpio.
2.The Safari is heavier than the Scorpio.
3.The Safari is a 5-speed manual while the Scorpio is a 6-speed automatic.
4.The Scorpio is more fuel efficient than the Safari.
5.The Safari has a slightly larger fuel tank than the Scorpio.

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  1. What’s the main diff between Dicor and Dicor vtt in safari.

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