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Difference Between Mahindra Scorpio and Toyota Innova

Mahindra Scorpio vs Toyota Innova

The Innova and Scorpio are among the choices when you are looking for a family car with great capacity. The main difference between the two is their classifications as the Scorpio is an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) while the Innova is an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle). In strict terms, this should mean that the Scorpio is an all-purpose vehicle that can go off-road and has plenty of power while the Innova is a people carrier that is good for city driving. In practice, there is very little difference between the two as both have similarly powered engines and are used mostly for city driving.

In most cases, the brand name is just that; a name attached to the brand with very little implications. But in this case, and all motor vehicles for that matter, the brand name is quite important. Mahindra is a big company but has nowhere near the global track record that Toyota has when it comes to passenger vehicles. This has implications when it comes to servicing and general maintenance of the vehicle. Although it varies from one place to another, it is generally easier to find service crews who are intimately skilled with the Innova than with the Scorpio. It is also easier to find OEM or aftermarket parts for the Innova than for the Scorpio.

Looking at the two vehicles, you can clearly see a huge difference in styling. The Innova has sleek curves and is generally streamlined. On the other hand, the Scorpio looks more rugged and looks more like the Jeep; further impressing its supposed off-road and all-terrain capabilities. It is worth noting though that the Scorpio is better than the Innova when it comes to transmission options. While both vehicles have the same 5-speed manual transmission models, the Innova only has a 4-speed automatic model while the Scorpio has a 6-speed model. It is also possible to get a 4-wheel drive Scorpio at a premium while Innova users are limited to rear-wheel drive.

All-in-all, both are great vehicles. If you want some off-road capabilities, the Scorpio is very nice; just don’t expect it to match to other SUVs like the Jeep or the Hummer. For everyday road use, the Innova is much better as it provides more creature comforts than you can find on the Scorpio.


1. The Scorpio is an SUV while the Innova is an MPV
2. The Scorpio is from a lesser known company while the Innova is from Toyota
3. The Scorpio looks more rugged while the Innova is sleek
4. The Scorpio has better transmission options than the Innova

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