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Difference Between VXi and ZXi Swift

VXi vs ZXi Swift

The VXi and ZXi are two models of the Maruti Swift, also known as the Suzuki Swift. There are really no major differences between the VXi and the ZXi in terms of performance, but there are a number of differences in features; starting off with the bigger and better tires of the ZXi. The VXi, along with lower-end models have 14 inch steel rims. The ZXi has alloy rims that measure 15 inches and are slightly wider; providing better road grip.

Another difference between the VXi and the ZXi is found on the backdoor. The ZXi backdoor has more installed features than that of the VXi. The list includes an electromagnetic opener, rear wiper and washer, and defogger. The first one is just for convenience while the latter two is a nice safety feature to have, especially in bad weather.

On the inside, there are also a number of improvements found on the ZXi. The first is found in the driver’s seat of the ZXi, which is adjustable in height. The seatbelts of both the driver and the passenger are also adjustable. So you can adjust them to suit you perfectly for maximum comfort, especially if you are much larger or much smaller than the average. The air-conditioning of the VXi is manual, unlike that of the ZXi, which is equipped with automatic climate control. Not really essential, but a nice feature to have as you no longer need to fuss with the controls that much.

Lastly, the ZXi is equipped with a variety of safety measures that are not available in the VXi; starting with airbags for both the driver and the passenger to prevent major head damage in the case of accidents. Even the seatbelts are equipped with pre-tensioners and force limiters to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the force subjected on the person being restrained. The brakes of the ZXi are also superior because of the combination of braking assist, ABS, and EBD. The enhanced braking system lets you stop in a much shorter distance to prevent accidents in the first place. All these features are only available on the ZXi and are not present on the VXi.


  1. The ZXi has wider and bigger tires than the VXi
  2. The ZXi has a more full-featured back-door than the VXi
  3. The ZXi has an adjustable height driver’s seath while the VXi doesn’t
  4. The ZXi has automated climate control while the VXi doesn’t
  5. The ZXi has more safety features than the VXi

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