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Difference Between SLT1 and SLT2 GMC Acadia

SLT1 vs SLT2 GMC Acadia

The Acadia is the mid-priced offering of GMC for the full-sized SUV market. The top two trim levels for the Acadia are the SLT1 and SLT2. The price difference between the SLT1 and SLT2 isn’t really that much, so you shouldn’t expect performance advantages. What you get instead are small improvements in comfort and convenience. This is a exhibited by the inclusion of memory systems for both the side mirrors and the driver’s seat of the SLT2.

The memory is used to remember the positions of both the side mirror and the seat individually. If someone borrows your SLT2 and forgets to put the side mirrors or seat back into position, you would no longer have to fiddle with them again. At a touch of a button, the SLT2 would automatically change their positions to your preference. This is further enhanced compliments of the keyfob. Each keyfob can have different settings that they restore once you use it to open the doors. So you can have a keyfob for yourself and another for your wife and both of you would no longer need to think about the mirrors or the seats again.

There is also a difference between the SLT2 and SLT1 when it comes to the upgrades that you can get for them. Actually, there are upgrades that are only available for the SLT2 and not the SLT1. The first is HID or High Intensity Discharge headlamps. These headlamps put out a lot more light giving you increased visibility for nighttime driving. The second upgrade exclusive for the SLT2 is the HUD or Heads-Up Display. This feature projects unto your windshield information that you would otherwise find on your dashboard or stereo. This significantly increases your safety as you no longer have to remove your eyes from the road in order to check something. Lastly, you can get heated/cooled seats on the SLT2. Not really an essential feature, but is very nice to have in case you live in areas with very cold or very hot climates.


  1. The SLT2 side mirrors are equipped with memory while the SLT1’s are not
  2. The SLT2 driver’s seat is also equipped with memory while the SLT1’s are not
  3. The SLT2 can have HID headlamps while the SLT1 cannot
  4. The heads-up display is available on the SLT2 but not on the SLT1
  5. Heated/cooled seats are available on the SLT2 but not on the SLT1

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