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Differences Between the Suzuki Swift Model DX and DLX

Suzuki Swift Model DX vs DLX

The Suzuki Swift is a hatchback car launched in Pakistan by Suzuki Motors in 2011. This car is available in two models; DX and DLX.

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX

The DX model of the Suzuki Swift comes with a powerful engine of 1300cc. The car has a manual transmission system, and an advanced engine technology gives it good pickup and speed. The engine of the Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX is powered with unleaded gasoline giving it an excellent fuel economy rate. Other features are: air conditioner, power windows, and a CD player are included in this model.

This car is available in seven colors. The design and dimensions of the model are very appealing which provides ample space within the car. The luxury features of this model include cup holders, tubeless tires, and non-alloy wheels.
The Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX comes in a price range of Rs 1,096,000.

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX

Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX model is very similar to the DX model except that it has some additional improved features.
The most striking feature of Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX model is its much more powerful engine of 1328cc. This extra capacity of engine provides faster pickup, less power loss with the air conditioning, and a much higher top speed limit. The DLX model of the Swift has all the latest security features. The car has an antilock braking system, central locking, and also power steering. These features are lacking in the Suzuki Swift 1.3 DX version.

The DLX version of the Swift has additional features as an immobilizer, folding rear seat, remote boot steering adjustment and tachometer which are absent in the DX model. The added features of front fog lights and a rear defogger helps in driving during foggy conditions. This model of the car has alloy wheels which add to the specifications of the vehicle.

The Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX comes in a price range of Rs 1,176,000.


  1. The DLX version of the Swift has additional security features as compared to the DX version of the vehicle.
  2. The DLX version has greater power for the engine than the DX version.
  3. The DLX version is more expensive than the DX model.
  4. The Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX is the better version.

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    It means that there is Antilock Break System in Dx model.

    Fuel consumption results is better in dx instead of dlx…..i think

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