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Difference Between Cola and Root Beer

root-beerCola vs Root Beer

The most obvious difference between cola and root beer is taste. While both beverages are sweet, cola is considered to be sweeter than root beer. Root beer also has a very distinctive flavor, created by a careful selection of specified ingredients.

Cola contains caffeine, while root beer does not contain caffeine, unless it is specifically added. When produced under normal circumstances, root beer will always be devoid of any caffeine when the normal ingredients are blended together.

The sassafras plant is used in the production of root beer, creating the unusual flavor. Root beer can also be purchased as an alcoholic beverage. Cola can be blended with different types of alcoholic beverages, but is not considered to be one on its own.

Root beer was invented in 1876, while cola was developed later, in 1886. Cola was actually derived to replace what was known as a ‘nerve tonic’. This nerve tonic was used as a medicine to help settle anxiety. When prohibition was introduced, the pharmacist who invented cola did so by reworking his nerve tonic formula to exclude alcohol. The final result was what we now call cola. Root beer was invented by a pharmacist as well, but it was invented as an enjoyable tea, rather than for pharmaceutical reasons.

The popularity of cola is much greater in today’s society than root beer. While you can add ice cream to root beer and create floats, for drinking a regular beverage, the overwhelming preference is for cola.

Cola is also heavily advertised, while there really are no marketing efforts directed toward root beer manufacturers. The reason for this is that the two major cola companies (Coke and Pepsi) also produce a root beer line, but fund most of their business with the competition between the two colas.

While all soda is not labeled as a health food, root beer is considered to be a healthier option than cola. Cola has an erosive ingredient that can strip away tooth enamel, or varnish from a wood floor! Root beer is softer on the teeth (and the floor), and is the least likely of all sodas to cause difficulties with one’s dental health.


1. Root beer and cola have a significant difference when it comes to taste.

2. Caffeine has to be intentionally added to root beer, while cola derives caffeine from its basic ingredients.

3. Root beer can be found as an independent alcoholic beverage.

4. Root beer was developed for its pleasant taste, while cola was developed initially for medicinal purposes.

5. Cola is much more popular than root beer.

6. Cola is heavily marketed, while root beer is rarely advertised at all.

7. Cola is more destructive to tooth enamel, hardwood flooring, and paint surfaces than root beer.

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  1. I just beeb drinking more rootbeer and i like it more then soda drinks,i was just wandering if it was better then soda drinks

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