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Difference Between Club Soda And Tonic Water

water1Club Soda vs Tonic Water

Club Soda is basically carbonated water which may also contain a slight quantity of salt. Tonic Water on the other hand is Carbonated drink flavored quinine. Club Soda was first produced in the late eighteenth century as a soft drink. This was first produced commercially in Hungary with the first factory setup in Budapest. The Tonic water however owes its origins to Colonial India where the British inhabitants would generally mix quinine in water as a defence against malaria. However, it is now known that it could only lessen the symptoms but not kill malaria. It was later mixed with Gin to make it more palatable. This drink was slowly popularized in all the British colonies in the tropical regions of India and Africa. With time the quantities of quinine decreased and are now used only for flavoring.

Whereas the Club Soda is salty Tonic Water which is generally sweetened. Diet versions of the tonic water are also available that use artificial sweeteners instead of natural ones. The effects of club soda by itself on the human body are negligible. The tonic water due to its content of quinine is known to relieve muscle pain and cramps however the sugar content is equivalent to most other soda beverages.

Club Soda is quite popular as a beverage. Tonic water on the other hand is generally used for various cocktails made with Gin or Vodka. Another recipe that is very popular with Tonic Water is Bitter Lime. Club Soda is being promoted to be consumed in place of aerated sugary beverages to promote healthy lifestyle. Tonic Water production is generally strictly monitored by the food administrations owing to the quinine content. Due to the side effects of quinine people are advised against the use of Tonic Water in large quantities.

Club Soda is non reactive to light but tonic water due to its quinine content becomes florescent under ultra violet light.

1.Club Soda is carbonated water whereas Tonic Water contains quinine.
2.Origins lie in Europe with first commercial production in Budapest whereas Tonic Water was first used in Colonial India.
3.Club Soda is slightly salted, however, Tonic Water is sweetened.
4.Effects of Club Soda on the human body are negligible whereas Tonic Water may have the same effects as any other sugary beverage.
5.The consumption of Club Soda is being promoted whereas that of Tonic Water is monitored due to the quinine ill effects.
6.Tonic Water glows under ultra violet light whereas Club Soda has no such effect.

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