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Difference Between Garlic Powder and Garlic Salt

Garlic Powder vs Garlic Salt

We cannot live on this planet eating foods which are tasteless. Our taste buds would be less functional if it were not to taste sweetness, sourness, saltiness, spiciness, and bitterness of all varying food items we eat. Life is boring eating bland foods.

But thanks to the herbs brought by the Spanish and English explorers, herbs and spices were distributed around the world. Thus, the foods we are eating right now are not bland to taste but rather very tasteful and yummy thanks to these herbs and spices.

The herbs and spices right now have come a very long way. Most of the spices right now are in powdered form which you can buy in the supermarket. This is an easier way of mixing them instead of chopping and grinding them by yourself.

Two food seasonings that are quite identical in the market now are garlic powder and garlic salt. Though both are garlic, what could be the difference?

Garlic powder is pulverized garlic. How is it made? First, the garlic cloves are left to dry. Then once dried, these are ground until pulverized. Garlic powder is said to be not as good as real garlic. Fresh garlic is said to be better than garlic powder. Another thing is that not all garlic powders on the market are made up of pure garlic so better check out the ingredients before buying one.

Garlic salt, on the other hand, is another form of food seasoning. The difference between it from garlic powder is that garlic salt is composed of dried garlic, table salt, and an anti-caking agent. The usual ratio of salt to garlic is three parts table salt and one part garlic. Garlic salt, just like garlic powder, can be used as a substitute for garlic.


1.Garlic powder is a garlic that is dried out and ground until it turns into powder while garlic salt is made up of garlic, salt, and an anti-caking agent.
2.Garlic powder and garlic salt can be a substitute for garlic, but it can never replace the taste of pure garlic.

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