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Difference Between Grade A Eggs and AA Eggs

The existence, buying, and selling of eggs in most countries are usually based on grades. Therefore, most of them grade their eggs based on the quality and appearance of each.

While grading eggs, several aspects are taken into consideration. This includes measuring the exterior and interior qualities. The grading, however, does not take into consideration the eggs’ weight and the color of the shells.

As an example, there are grades A and AA eggs, with each grade bearing distinctive characteristics from each other. The USDA guidelines, for example, grade and label eggs as grades AA, A, and B in the United States.

It is in light of this that this post seeks to draw the thin line between grade A and grade AA eggs. The differences are based on several factors like the color and form of the yolks, their shells, firmness, and overall egg colors.


What is A Grade AA Egg?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, a grade AA egg has a thick and firm white, and a round yolk. The yolk is also high and practically free from defects. Grade AA eggs are also clean and have unbroken shells.

The AA grade eggs are nearly perfect and the highest grade.


What is a Grade A Egg?

The shell of a grade A egg is also clean and unbroken. Even though they are similar to grade AA eggs, their whites are “reasonably” firm or a bit thicker. A grade A egg differs slightly from a grade AA based on the interior as the A graded one has a lower interior quality.

Possible Similarities Between Grade AA and Grade A Eggs

Both the grade AA and A eggs have a clean and unbroken shell.


Difference Between Grade A and Grade AA Eggs

The distinctions existing between egg grades AA and A are based on several factors including:

  1. Air Cell

The AA grade egg has an air cell of 1/8 inch or less in depth while the A grade egg has a between 1/8 and 3/16 inch air cell. It could also be less in depth.

  1. Whites

An AA grade egg has a clear and firm white while the A grade egg has a clean white. The A grade eggs’ white may also be “reasonably” firm.

  1. The yolk

The yolk in AA grade eggs has its outline slightly defined while the yolk in A grade eggs has an outline that may be slightly or more defined than their AA counterparts.

Grade AA Vs. Grade A Eggs: Comparison Table


Summary of Grade AA Vs. Grade A Eggs

While the grading of the eggs symbolizes the eggs’ qualities, the grading is not necessarily a sign of safety. A quick example is that when egg graders do the grading, they do not check for such issues as salmonella. It would, therefore, not be a surprise to find an AA grade egg that is unsafe for human consumption but an A or B grade egg will be safer. Also, it is not all eggs that come with a grade, regardless of the USDA guidelines. It is, therefore, upon the consumer to establish what they are buying before committing to it.


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  1. My father, Dr. Ernest Ross, was a professor of animal nutrition at the university of Hawaii and served on President Reagan’s advisory board on meat and poultry. The difference between a double a and a grade is freshness. A double A egg should have a bubble the size of a dime or less, Single A the size of a nickel or less. As eggs age the bubble gets larger. That’s what I remember.

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