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IPA vs Pale Ale

Beer styles are words used to differentiate and classify beers according to their origin, flavor, color, mixture, strength, and production method. The earlier beer styles originated from Europe, but different styles have been developed around the world. Depending on the location, the climate, the water profile, and the access to the ingredients dictates what type of beer can be made available in the area. One of the more popular beer styles in the world is called pale ale.
Pale ale is a term for a type of beer made from malt dried coke. The beer style was already used in 1642, but the term itself didn’t come around until 1703. The differences on the practices and hop level of this beer style resulted in a variety of this type of beer. The different types of pale ales are:

Amber Ale – a type of ale that is currently being used in America and previously used in the United Kingdom in the 20th century. In North America, a variety of hops are used to make varying degrees of bitterness that is instilled in the beer.
American Pale Ale – is a type of ale that is defined by the Association of Brewers in the USA. This type of pale ale has medium body and low-to-medium maltiness.
Bière de Garde – also known as “keeping beer,” is a type of beer originating from France. This type is usually brewed in winter and spring by farmhouses to avoid yeast problems.
Burton Pale Ale – a type of ale used around the late nineteenth century. Burton ales are considered as high-quality ale because of the chemistry of the ingredients used in the drink.
English Bitter – one of the easier brewed beer styles. They vary in the quality. Some have three percent alcohol by volume while others have seven per cent.
Irish Red Ale – also known as Irish Ale is a type of ale that gains its reddish color from the small amount of roasted barley mixed into it. Irish Red Ale originated in the town of Kilkenny in 1710, the brewing is similar to an English pale ale.

There is also a subcategory of pale ale. These are called strong pale ale. These beers are aimed to be predominantly pale malts. The alcohol strength is also much stronger than the standard pale ale which starts at five per cent of alcohol strength. There are also different kinds of strong ale:

American Strong Ale: a type of ale with an alcohol by volume of seven per cent. Categories under this include; double India pale ales, barley wines, and old ale.
Strong Ale: Brewed in England, it has an alcohol by volume of five per cent or above. Smoked barley is used in the brewing process and has a sweet and earthy flavor.

Under the English Bitter type of flavor is another type of pale ale called Indian Pale Ale. The term came from England in 1840. One of the more distinguishing factors of IPA is that this type of beer is strongly hopped and has a higher strength compared to the English pale ale and are preferred by customers in India. Today, American brewers make the “hoppiest” example of this type. There are also other types of IPA: American-style Black Ale, Belgian-style, and Double India Pale Ale


1.Pale ale is a term used for a beer-style made from malt-dried coke.
2.English Bitter, or English pale ale, is one of the types of pale ale. They are some of the easier brews in beer styles.
3.IPA is a type of English Bitter with higher strength.

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