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jam-dbPeanut butter vs Jam

Peanut butter and jam are two popular food items and often loved for the taste and texture. Though there are quite some similarities the differences are many.

Peanut butter as the name suggests is made from ground peanuts. The peanuts will usually be ground dry roasted and the paste is then treated with hydrogenated vegetable oils, salt, sweeteners, and dextrose. It is available as the smooth and crunchy varieties. If you are buying peanut butter that is marked as organic or natural, it will contain only the peanut paste and salt.

Jam is a variety of fruit preservative and might contain the fruit juice or fruit pieces. Sometimes certain fleshy vegetables are also used to make jams. The fruit will be cut into pieces, cooked, and mashed or crushed. Additional sweeteners and preservatives can be added depending on the type of fruit being used. The heating process will activate the pectin contained in the fruit. The most commonly used fruits for making jams are the smaller varieties like berries and soft fruits.

There are different varieties of peanut butter available depending on the texture and ingredients used. The crunchy varieties are usually popular for eating with cookies and biscuits while the smooth peanut butter is preferred with sandwiches. In some types of peanut butter, ingredients like jelly and chocolate are also used.

Jams are also available in different varieties. There are uncooked as well as cooked jams. Those fruit jams which are cooked for less than five minutes are known as Freezer jams and to be stored in the freezers. Due to the minimal cooking, these jams have a fresher fruity taste and are preferred by more people. There are very smooth textured jams available which are almost like jelly. In some parts of the world, the words jam and jelly are used interchangeably owing to the smooth texture of the product. The other jam varieties will have an irregular texture with the pulp and very small seeds.

It is very easy to make both jams and peanut butter at home but most people prefer to make jam at home. This can be made depending on the seasonal fruit in your garden and the preferences of kids at home.

There is no health benefits associated with consuming jams. But consuming peanut butter is said to prevent cardiovascular diseases due to the increased levels of the monounsaturated fats. It gives protein, magnesium, vitamins B3 and E, and p-coumaric acid which are of high benefit to the human body. But owing to the high fat and calorie content, peanut butter must be consumed only as part of balanced diet.


1. Peanut butter is made only from peanuts while jams can be made from a variety of fruits and some vegetables.
2. Jams can contain the fruit pulp and seeds. Peanut butter is the ground paste from roasted peanuts.
3. There are known health benefits of consuming peanut butter but there is no such fact for jams.
4. Peanut butter contains more fat and calories than jams.

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