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Difference Between White and Yellow Popcorn

White vs Yellow Popcorn

Popcorn is a popular snack among many people. Because of such, it now comes in a variety of choices namely: white, blue, yellow, black, brown and red popcorn. Among these, white and yellow popcorn are the top picks.

Actually, yellow popcorn and white popcorn is more appropriately distinguished by their sizes (not on their color) because when these two different kernels pop, they all look white. It’s just that yellow popcorn may look a little non-white or a little yellow compared to the pure white popcorn. Yellow popcorn will really look yellow after adding some powder and butter.

Structure wise, white popcorn is alternatively known as rice popcorn because its kernels are tinier and looks like rice granules compared to medium to large-sized kernels of yellow popcorn that are also usually pearl-shaped. Also, the kernels of white popcorn are shaped like that of typical rice while for yellow popcorn they look rounder like pearls.

In their popped state, the yellow popcorn appears like fluffy popcorn (similar to the shape of some snowflakes and butterflies) while white popcorn will often pop into mushroom-like forms. Kernels of white popcorn only pop to as much as 40 times its original size while the yellow popcorn kernels pop to about 46 times its original size.

Although taste is a highly opinionated and subjective claim, many agree that yellow popcorn still retain some of its original corn taste compared to white popcorn that tastes mildly sweet. The preference of taste seems to be equally divided between the two.

Moreover, yellow popcorn is said to have fewer calories than white popcorn. It makes you feel satisfied without ever placing you to a freakish overboard calorie consumption. This claim may also be due to the bigger size or volume of yellow popcorn that makes it appear that one is eating more. Thus, this snack is one of the favorite choices for those who are on a weight loss program. It is said that one single serving of yellow popcorn only contains as much as 110 calories.

Fiber content is also a plus in yellow popcorn. Based on statistics Americans only consume about 50% of the recommended fiber requirement. In this connection, one can get lots of fiber from yellow popcorn. It has about 4g of insoluble fiber per ounce. This fiber is responsible in making you feel satisfied or full and also improves your digestive processes. On top of that, it can also help reduce certain types of cancers like cancer of the colon. Still relating to health, yellow popcorn has lower sodium and holds lots of iron.

1. White popcorn is smaller than yellow popcorn.

2. Many will feel full faster when eating yellow popcorn compared to eating white popcorn.

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  2. I’ve heard people say that the husk of white corn is easier to digest than the yellow corns.
    Is this true??

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