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  1. Moss
    October 13, 2019

    “It is the sharpness of the sound that makes Alnico 5 the wisest choice.”

    I can tell this article was not written by a guitarist… There is no such thing as the “best” magnet for a pickup. There are no “wise” or “foolish” choices. It depends on what type of sound you’re going for (tone, like everything else, is highly subjective), and we’re not all trying to play the same kind of music here… Some pickup types are better suited for certain genres of music than others. Also, there are several other factors in a pickup’s construction that affect tone. The type of magnet used is just one of them.

    There are more types of magnets than just Alnico II and Alnico V used in guitar pickups as well… There’s Alnico III, Alnico IV, Alnico VIII, ceramic, and neodymium. Then there’s polished, rough-cast and unoriented magnets, which also impart different qualities to the tone.


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