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Difference Between FroYo and. Eclair

THE ANDROIDS (FroYo vs. Eclair)

These are the 5th and 8th versions of the Android’s long list of versions and are what we are going to compare here. It is going to be Éclairs 2.0 and FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) 2.2 .So let’s go ahead with the comparisons on various arenas.

The Éclair was built on with Linux kernel 2.6.29 while the FroYo was built with a Linux kernel 2.6.32. This also made the memory of RAM more than 256MB.

The UI is the most spotted difference on any upgrades and Android is no different. If you take a look at the Éclair it was very attractive compared to the Donut, and it has brought the widget feature in Android where we can have our favorite application on the start screen. It was an important feature of Éclair. The FroYo also comes up with a greater visual appeal with the widgets and favorite menu are the highlight of this UI. The CAR MODE and NIGHT MODE are the two new features introduced which can be switched on, and all the settings can be adjusted to make the user love his phone.

The Éclair comes with an internal memory of 256MB; as for the FroYo it, comes with a maximum of 512MB. So, providing extra space to store and welcome the developers who found difficulty with the Éclair suffering from low memory and the CPU was fast with the introduction of the JIT.

The MAP was the most highlighted feature of the Éclair, as it was much more user friendly since it has included many features and all for free. Since it retrieves from the internet it offers voice command on the next location and has proved to be the best guide for the user who loves travelling. The FroYo, in turn, adds additional flavor by having geo tagging facility and having reviews and comments for the location. So the user now can have the experience of many persons who had been there before.

The Éclair also brought delight to the problem of customers who had the multiple accounts and each account has different contacts so they have to switch each time. But with Éclair they can sync all the accounts at one place as a unified inbox and all the mails will be directed in one place which was a hit among customers which was followed by FroYo. With FroYo you can have more accounts sync at the same time, which was more appealing.

The Bluetooth used was 2.1 in Éclair which had the sharing facility but the FroYo was the version where it took off with multiple features like voice dialing over Bluetooth and shares the contacts over the devices. It also comes up with the feature of connecting with the car docks, enabling the user to talk while driving in a safer way which was a revolution in the Android versions.

The Éclair has supported higher graphics and animation having OpenGL 2.0, which allowed the user to have Live Wallpapers and play graphic games with higher resolution .The FroYo was better improved and because of better RAM it supports more graphics and it is where the .gif files were introduced in Android platform.

The data backup, which was not in Éclair, was an issue since when we change the ROM or change the device we cannot get the data back. Fortunately, FroYo was a comeback for the issue since it had the data backup so now the user need not worry about the loss of data or changing the device anytime because he can retrieve the data which is kept as backup.

The Éclair had a good browsing speed with zooming facility by double tapping the screen and it also supported HTML 5, but it was slow, which was overcome. The FroYo ran with the V8 engine which supported flash player 10.0 and so it supported most of the websites without any crash in the images.

The Éclair came with the inbuilt flash and adjustments which are done inbuilt, but the video quality was low. It was further improved in the FroYo which delivers at 10 frames per second and provided the camcorder facilities.

Because of the fact that everything is stored in the phone memory, the Éclair was not easy for the developers to create apps of high memory. Fortunately, FroYo came up with a feature which attracted the developers by providing the option of storing on either the phone memory or on the SD card, which was grandly welcomed to the developer’s delight.

Some of the key differences between these two versions had been discussed on the specific arenas. The important points highlighted are below:

Éclair introduced the unified inbox in the Android versions
Éclair enhanced the GPS facility on the mobile
Éclair introduced the multi-touch on the Android platforms
Éclair introduced Live Wallpaper to the Android versions
FroYo introduced the Data Backup on the Android versions
FroYo introduced the Hot Spot in the Android versions
The CPU Processing is fast in the FroYo compared to Éclair
The USB tethering is also introduce in the FroYo
Flash 10.0 is supported in the FroYo which made the browser fast in loading high graphic webpage
Two new modes Car and Night mode introduced in FroYo
On the whole, both these versions had been the pioneers for the rest of the versions introduced in the Android platform.

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