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Difference Between Canon 5D and Canon 7D

Canon 5D vs Canon 7D

The 5D, along with 7D, is a high level DSLR camera that can cater to the needs of even professional photographers. Both cameras pack a lot of features in a package that is smaller and lighter than professional level cameras. The differences between the two start off with the resolutions of their respective sensors. The 5D, being the much older of the two, has the lower resolution at 13 megapixels while the newer 7D sports an 18 megapixel sensor. The screen of the 7D is also slightly bigger than that of the 5D by half an inch.

Probably the most significant difference between these two cameras is the image processor that is installed in each one. The 5D is equipped with a Digic 2 processor while the 7D is equipped with dual Digic 4 processors. Since Digic 4 is two steps above the Digic 2, that should be an indication of how much better the 7D is. Having two Digic 4 processors, the 7D is much faster in terms of processing the images that you take.

The speed of the image processors of the 7D is clearly apparent when shooting continuously. The 7D can take up to 8 frames per second at its maximum resolution. On the other hand, the 5D can only manage to shoot a relatively paltry 3fps. The 7D is also able to take advantage of the fastest memory cards in writing down data.

A feature that was unique to the 7D when it was released is the integrated speedlite transmitter. This allows the 7D to control external speedlites without having to attach an accessory. The 5D does not have this feature and any external lighting control is gained with the use of external attachments.

Overall, the 7D is a far superior camera compared to the older 5D. But the 5D is still a pretty decent camera for budding professionals.


1. The 5D has a sensor resolution of 13 megapixels while the 7D has a resolution of 18 megapixels

2. The 5D LCD screen is 2.5 inches diagonal while that of the 7D is 3 inches

3. The 5D is powered by a Digic 2 processor while the 7D is powered by dual Digic 4 processors

4. The 5D ISO range is lower than that of the 7D’s

5. The 5D can shoot continuously at 3fps while the 7D can do the same at 8fps

6. The 5D lacks the integrated speedlite transmitter of the 7D

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