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Difference Between Canon EOS 60D and EOS 7D

Canon EOS 60D vs EOS 7D

When the Canon EOS 60D was introduced, critics placed it firmly between the 550D and the 7D but is said to more closely resemble the latter, probably because they have the same resolution sensor. The biggest difference between the 60D and the 7D is the processor that they use. The 60D uses the Digic 4 image processor while the 7D uses two of the same processor. This gives the 7D a processing advantage that allows it to crunch more photos at the same time.

The difference in speed is apparent when you consider how fast the two cameras can shoot continuously. The 60D can only do this at a rate of just over 5 frames per second while the 7D can achieve an even 8 frames per second, best for catching that fleeting split of a second photo.

There are also a number of advantages that the superior 7D has over the 60D. The first is the better AF sensor that it has. With 19 cross type AF points, the 7D provides better focusing options compared to the 9 AF points on the 60D. The viewfinder of the 7D is also a lot better as it gives you 100% frame coverage and no magnification. The 60D viewfinder only covers 96% and 0.95x magnification. This makes it a bit trickier to frame your image exactly as you wanted as you need to account for the extra space that you do not see on the viewfinder.

The 7D uses Compact Flash cards like most other professional cameras. In comparison, the 60D uses SD cards, just like the Rebel. Compact Flash cards have faster read/write speeds than SD cards but are a bit more expensive and not as easy to find. SD cards are also easier for ordinary users as most laptops are already equipped with SD card readers.

Lastly, the 60D spices things up with the addition of an articulated LCD screen. Very different from the fixed screen of the 7D, the screen of the 60D is hinged on the side and can be rotated to just about any position you need. You can even flip the screen around to protect the easily damaged LCD.


1.The 7D uses dual Digic 4 processors while the 60D only uses one
2.The 7D is faster at continuous shooting than the 60D
3.The 7D has a better AF sensor than the 60D
4.The 7D has a better viewfinder than the 60D
5.The 7D uses Compact Flash cards while the 60D uses SD cards
6.The 60D has an articulated screen while the 7D screen is fixed

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