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Difference Between Canon EOS 50d and 500d

canon_eos500dCanon EOS 50d vs 500d

The Canon EOS 50d and 500d are two high end digital mono lens cameras made in Japan that underwent much criticism from critics and camera users. It may be because of the way Canon devised their marketing scheme in upgrading the 50d to 500d and see only a little useful features being added with the newer 500d model. Its sensor, max resolution limit, pixels, shutter, and focus areas are all practically the same although its focus modes somewhat vary with the 500d version having more including the auto depth-of-field mode.

Without a doubt, the Canon EOS 50d camera is the older camera. It was released during the early part of the last quarter of 2008 whereas the 500d camera was released during the second quarter of 2009.

By shear look alone, one can easily distinguish one from the other. The two Canon cameras differ in terms of look, size (dimension) and weight. The Canon EOS 50d camera’s body alone weighs about 730g. On the contrary, the Canon EOS 500d is way lighter with only 480g of mass. The dimensions of the first camera are obviously bigger with measurements of 146 x 108 x 74 mm while the latter only has dimensions of 129 x 98 x 62 mm.

In terms of battery used, the 50d EOS can use an additional battery pack specifically the BG-E2N grip. This gives it the flexibility to use traditional AA batteries. The 500d EOS has the BG-E5 grip as its optional battery package. The standard battery used for the older camera (50d) is the Li-Ion BP-511A rechargeable battery whereas the newer 500d version makes use of the Li-Ion LP-E5 rechargeable batt.

With regard to storage, the newer EOS 500d makes use of Secure digital cards whereas the 50d has the CompactFlash and Microdrive that stores up to 32 Gb of data. Lastly, another notable difference in the newer 500d EOS is that it enables the user to use the technique of flash bracketing compared to its absence in the 50d EOS model.

1.The Canon EOS 500d camera has more focus modes than the 50d EOS.
2.The Canon EOS 50d camera is older (2008-released camera) compared to the 500d version, which was released the next year (2009).
3.The Canon EOS 50d camera is heavier and bigger compared to the 500d EOS.
4.Canon EOS 50d uses a different Li-Ion rechargeable battery compared to its successor and also allows the use of AA batteries with its optional battery pack.
5.Canon EOS 50d does not permit flash bracketing whereas the Canon EOS 500d allows it.

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  1. So which one do you prefer? I’m planning to buy a DSLR next week. I’m still thinking of getting either the 500d or D5000 and I’m still undecided.

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