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Difference Between Motorola Xoom 3G/4G and Xoom WiFi

Motorola Xoom 3G/4G vs Xoom WiFi

The Xoom is one of the latest contenders for the tablet throne, which is currently held by Apple’s iPad 2. It currently comes in three models, those that have either 3G or 4G and models that come only with WiFi. Obviously, the Xoom WiFi is much cheaper, which makes some people question whether it is worth it to spend for the 3G/4G versions or if the WiFi version is good enough.

The difference in the price of the Xoom 3G/4G and Xoom WiFi is quite reasonable given that Motorola needed to add another piece of hardware. This is the cellular 3G/4G modem that is needed to connect to the cellular network. This hardware doesn’t really add much to the size or weight of the Xoom so there is no obvious bump. What you can use to tell the difference between the two is by looking for the SIM card slot. This is located on the top of the Xoom, right beside the 3.5mm audio jack and the slot for the memory card.

Having 3G/4G connectivity can greatly increase the usefulness of the Xoom for those who are constantly on the move. Given that you are under the appropriate network coverage, you connect to the internet via the cellular network and check or send emails, listen to internet radio, check your facebook page, or chat with a friend just about anywhere; things that you cannot do with the Xoom WiFi on the bus, train, or any moving vehicle. You can still use your Xoom WiFi on the move, but only for offline purposes like listening to music or watching videos that are already on your device.

Keep in mind that connecting to the cellular network isn’t free, unlike connecting to your home, office, or any other establishment’s WiFi connection. In order to maximize the use of your Xoom 3G/4G, you will need to pay for the data connection. This can either be monthly, like in most plans, or intermittently if you have a prepaid SIM.


1.The Xoom 3G/4G tablets are more expensive than the Xoom WiFi
2.The Xoom 3G/4G has a cellular modem while the Xoom WiFi doesn’t
3.The Xoom 3G/4G has a slot for the SIM card while the Xoom WiFi doesn’t
4.The Xoom 3G/4G provides more mobility than the Xoom WiFi
5.The Xoom 3G/4G can incur additional costs that the Xoom WiFi will not

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