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Difference Between Motorola Xoom WiFi and Acer Aspire ICONIA Tab A500

Motorola Xoom WiFi vs Acer Aspire ICONIA Tab A500

As more and more tablets begin to enter the already crowded market, we begin to see the same hardware beginning to appear in different devices. This is pretty much the case between the ICONIA Tab A500 of computer maker ACER and the Xoom WiFi of Motorola. The two are pretty much identical as they feature screens of the same size and type, rely on WiFi connections only, and are powered by the same Tegra 2 chipset with a dual core Cortex-A9 processor.

The differences between the Xoom WiFi and the Aspire ICONIA Tab A500 are in the little details. One such detail is the LED flash in their identical 5 megapixel cameras. The ICONIA Tab has two LED flashes that produce a lot more light than the single LED flash of the Xoom WiFi. This is quite important when shooting in a dark room or the like. More light makes it easier for the sensor to pick-up the image even if the image is a bit further back.

Another difference between the Xoom WiFi and the Aspire ICONIA Tab A500 is in their array of sensors. Of course, both tablets have the usual accelerometer, light, and gyro sensors. Where the two differ is with the barometer of the Xoom WiFi. A barometer measures air pressure and the most prevalent use of this is in determining the probability of rain because atmospheric pressure usually drops when it is about to rain. It is also expected that some programmers will find innovative ways to use the barometer in their applications.

Lastly, there is the issue of memory capacity. Just like the iPad, the two tablets come in various models with varying memory capacities. The difference in this regard is with the models. The Xoom WiFi only has 16GB and 32GB models while the Aspire ICONIA Tab has those two variants plus their top-end model with 64GB of memory. Both of these tablets have memory card slots, so you would not have any problems expanding later on.


1.The Aspire ICONIA Tab has two LED flashes while the Xoom WiFi only has one
2.The Xoom WiFi has a barometer while the Aspire ICONIA Tab doesn’t
3.The Aspire ICONIA Tab has a 64GB model while the Xoom WiFi doesn’t

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