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Difference Between Nikon Coolpix L110 and L120

Nikon Coolpix L110 vs L120

The Nikon Coolpix L120 is the next upgrade to the Coolpix L110. Both cameras are super zoom cameras, which mean that they have superior zooming capabilities that what can be found on most point and shoot cameras. This is also where the primary difference between the Coolpix L110 and L120 can be found. The L110 has a 15x zoom factor, which is already superior on its own. But, the L120 significantly improve this by achieving a zoom factor of 21x. This is all achieved via optics so little or no image degeneration occurs. If you want to zoom in more, you can activate digital zoom as both cameras are capable of up to 4x digital zoom to supplement their optical zoom capabilities.

Another area where the L120 has been upgraded is in the sensor itself. The 12 megapixel sensor found in the L110 has been upgraded to 14 megapixels in the L120. An enhanced sensor may not always mean better pictures but it will add to the detail and sharpness of the image. Image processing has also taken a step up in the L120 as it is now capable of recording 1080p videos, the full HD resolution supported by most top-end TVs and other displays. The L110 can only record videos at a maximum resolution of 720p.

There are also a couple of slight differences when it comes to storage memories of the L110 and L120. The L110’s internal memory is very little at just 43MB, barely good enough for just a few photos. On the other hand, the L120 has 1GB of internal memory. So even if you do not have a memory card, you can still take a lot of photos. When it comes to memory card types, the L110 is capable of accepting both SD and SDHC memory cards. These are what are commonly available in stores today. The L120 adds another format to the mix, the SDXC memory cards. These are not as common as the previous two but come in much larger capacities. SDXC memory cards are expected to replace the other two are people demand more and more storage space.


  1. The L120 has a greater optical zoom capability than L110
  2. The L120 has a higher resolution sensor than the L110
  3. The L120 is capable of taking 1080p videos while the L110 is not
  4. The L120 has a lot more internal memory than the L110
  5. The L120 takes SDXC memory cards while the L110 does not

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