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Difference Between Nikon Coolpix S220 and S230

nikon_coolpixNikon Coolpix S220 vs S230

Both the S220 and S230 belongs to the Coolpix line of digital cameras from Nikon, a very reputable maker of DSLR and other high end digital cameras. But these two are not high end digital cameras, rather, they are cheap models that are intended for people who do not want the complexity of DSLR cameras but still want to shoot good looking photos nonetheless.

The difference between the S220 and the S230 is the addition of touch screen controls to the S230. This feature is missing in the S220 and all menus must be navigated via the controls provided. Aside from this major difference, there are no more hardware changes that were introduced in the S230.

Despite being identical to the S220 which is an older model, the S230 is still nothing to scoff at. Both these cameras are equipped with 10 megapixel sensors that allows users to capture high resolution images. It is also equipped with 3x optical and 4x digital zoom to meet the needs of average users. These cameras are also capable of shooting VGA quality video, which can be stored to a memory card since the 44MB internal memory is quite paltry for video recording. Nikon did add an SDHC slot to cope with the users storage needs. The HC stands for high capacity and SDHC cards can reach up to 32 GB of storage which should be quite adequate.

The LCD display of both cameras measure at 3 inches diagonal which is wide enough to present icons for touch screen controls. These cameras are also equipped with Nikon’s digital image processing hardware to enhance the images and even do minor editing right on the camera. Transferring images from the camera to a computer is done via a USB 2.0 slot or by removing the SDHC card and using a card reader.

It is also worth mentioning that the addition of the touch screen controls also add a little bit to the price tag of the S230. Though touch screen controls in a digital camera is still up to the preference of the user, if you want to have this capability, expect to pay 30 to 40 dollars more for the S230 compared to the S220.

1.Their only difference is in the touch screen control
2.They both have 10 megapixel sensors
3.They both have 3 inch LCD displays
4.S230 is pricier than the S220

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